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The UFT should fight to Tax the Rich and #InvestInOurNY

It’s time for the UFT to join the fight! Please encourage your delegates and chapter leaders and chapters to support this resolution at the Wednesday, January 13th UFT Delegate Assembly, and endorse it by filling out this form. A list of endorsing chapter leaders and delegates will be published on this website next Tuesday. ThisContinue reading “The UFT should fight to Tax the Rich and #InvestInOurNY”

Time and Attendance Under COVID19

UFT members have some important rights regarding time and attendance issues according to agreements the UFT has worked out with the city. However, the UFT leadership has negotiated away most members’ ability to enforce these rights. The grievance process is still frozen and the operational complaints process is backlogged. Therefore, we believe that members shouldContinue reading “Time and Attendance Under COVID19”


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