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MORE-UFT Releases Fall 2020 Survey Report of 1,143 NYC DOE Staff Members

READ THE FULL REPORT NEW YORK: In the midst of yet another school reopening plan in December 2020, MORE-UFT rank-and-file members decided to ask NYC DOE schools staff about their experiences with school reopening: neither the UFT nor the DOE had done an official survey of school based staff. (The DOE released its own FallContinue reading “MORE-UFT Releases Fall 2020 Survey Report of 1,143 NYC DOE Staff Members”

Advocates for Equity Win Big at the People’s PEP

After over 100 public comments, the People’s PEP proved a successful organizing strategy for a coalition of educational justice groups. The Panel on Educational Policy is one of the only remaining forms of community accountability for public schools under mayoral control of public schools in New York City. With only one parent representative, the panelContinue reading “Advocates for Equity Win Big at the People’s PEP”


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