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MORE – A Year In Review!

We are so excited to share with you our first annual report, MORE’s Year In Review, reviewing all the accomplishments you have contributed to this year. Whether you have shown up to multiple committees, reposted a tweet, or simply paid dues, you are part of a growing movement of educators in NYC who have deeplyContinue reading “MORE – A Year In Review!”

Caught Red-handed Stacking the Deck at the UFT Delegate Assembly

Delegates to last month’s assembly were treated to two long-winded motions (550 words in total) from the floor.  Each of these were for unobjectionable causes (Provider Appreciation Day and Nurse Appreciation day).  One was submitted by a member of the executive board (Tammi Miller) who has two other opportunities each month to place resolutions onContinue reading “Caught Red-handed Stacking the Deck at the UFT Delegate Assembly”


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