Weekly Update #17 – 07.25.12

July 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

 Movement of Rank & File Educators

The social justice caucus of the UFT

“Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions”




MORE Summer Series – Don’t miss the Third Session: Thursday, August 2, 5PM

“Each one, Teach one:” MORE Messaging and Outreach

LOLITA Bar – located at 266 Broome Street (Between Grand & Delancey Streets) NYC, take B to Grand St., F to Delancey St. or the J, M, Z to Essex St.

The presentation will be preceded by a report on the work MORE is doing and hopes to to. Please consider getting involved with MORE. We need volunteers to expand the work of MORE. MORE is not just about being an alternative to Unity Caucus but about building a movement that can help serve the needs of UFT members and support their work in the communities they serve by making all of us a force inside and outside the union.


Last week, at session 2 on UFT elections, 10 more members joined MORE.

MORE Members act out this summer


MORE members Gloria Brandman, Lisa North and Norm Scott are at the AFT convention in Detroit July 26-30. They will send reports.


MORE members will be joining members of the Change the Stakes, GEM’s high stakes testing committe, at Save Our Schools events in Washington DC Aug. 3-5.

Register for SOS People’s Education Conference


MORE Summer Series

Learn about MORE this summer: Can YOU imagine a transformed UFT?

Come to our Thursday Night Summer Series at:
LOLITA Bar – located at 266 Broome Street (Between Grand & Delancey Streets) NYC, take the F to Delancey St. or the J, M, Z to Essex St.


Each “listen & learn” discussion will be preceded by a brief membership meeting at which all are welcome, and followed by happy hour socializing & schmoozing


Third Session: Thursday, August 2, 5PM

“Each one, Teach one:” MORE Messaging and Outreach


Fourth Session: Thursday, August 16, 5PM

Growing into the Fall: Launching our Fall Campaign

Session added (LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED: Thursday, August 23, 6:30-6:30 PM


Supporting the Chicago Teachers Union in their struggle


Lessons from CORE’s history and organizing model, background to the current struggle in Chicago, lessons we can learn from how CTU has prepared for a strike, support for CTU’s contract demands since we are facing many of the same issues here in NYC.




As you may recall, Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago has demanded that teachers teach a longer school day without additional compensation.

For that and other reasons (including rising class size), the Chicago Teachers Union took a strong stand in opposition. It took a strike vote, and 98% of those voting gave their approval, which was unexpected and unprecedented. The CTU held a rally, and 10,000 members turned out.

Mayor Emanuel accepted a deal that met the CTU’s demands. Its members will not have to work longer hours without pay. The school day will be extended, as he wants, and the teachers who provide the extra time will be selected from the pool of veteran teachers who were laid off.

This was a stunning victory for the CTU. It shows what happens when a union is resolute and united, and its demands are just.


Details: Chicago Teachers Union Wins This One


Join the MORE Chapter Leader and Delegate Meet-up group listserve.


Send an email to more@morecaucusnyc.org and ask to be added to the chapter leader listserve (not the same as MORE Discussion).


Join MORE!


And please take a moment to check out our website at morecaucusnyc.org.


Spread the word–help build MORE!

Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/MOREcaucusNYC

Follow us on Twitter: @morecaucusnyc

Check out MORE’s website: MOREcaucusNYC.org


Email us at: more@morecaucusnyc.org


We want to hear from you! Check out MORE’s online discussion forum to get the latest news and goings on, and to join in the conversation.

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