UFT Race to the Top Agreement: A Terrible Mistake

For Immediate Release Thursday, November 15, 2012 Contact: Julie Cavanagh – 917-836-6465 UFT Race to the Top Agreement: A Terrible Mistake The UFT has agreed to sign onto NYC’s RTTT application, adding as many as 100 schools to the city’s three-year-old "Innovation Zone" and expanding online learning and instruction among other technology-based techniques. This agreement […]

NYC Educators On Poor Response to Sandy

For Immediate Release Press Contact: media Kit Wainer, 917-846-3292 What the Department of Education should be doing in response to the crisis Reopen Schools Rationally No school should open without heat. Traumatized students from the same school should not be separated to different schools. Help Affected Students Create an email/website/phone to DOE where families have […]