MORE’s Campaign Video

We want to spread this video far and wide, let’s make it go viral. Take a few seconds to share the video link on Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, forums, education news sites, and whatever other web sites you frequent.  Please encourage your friends, family  and colleagues to do the same. Let’s build MORE together!  Share […]

Wall St. Was Bailed Out, Our Public Schools Were Sold Out!

  Stop School Closings Everywhere On Monday, March 11th the Panel for Educational Policy  (PEP) will meet at Brooklyn Technical High School at 6 PM to vote on the closure of all 26 schools. They will also vote to replace and collocate many of the schools with charters schools. Join us at 5:00pm for a […]

Mulgrew: “Impose Evals on Us”

A recent update from the UFT sent out to school Chapter Leaders reads: Teacher eval impasse will go to binding arbitration if no agreement reached by May “Given the city’s failure to meet the state-imposed Jan. 17 deadline, which cost our schools $240 million, the governor added an amendment to his budget submission on Thursday that […]

In Case You Missed It: Dignity and Democracy in Education at the Grad Center

Our forum on Dignity and Democracy in Education featuring Lois Weiner (find her book here), Francesco Portelos and Harris Lirtzman was a big success. Below is the collection of live-tweets from the event. Feel free to check it out.

Protecting Whistleblower Teachers Forum with Lois Weiner

A PUBLIC FORUM ON NEW YORK CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS “Dignity and Democracy in Education: Blowing the Whistle on the Culture of Fear and Corruption in NYC Public Schools”  New York, NY — New York City teachers are under siege.   In schools across the city… usually in hushed tones… teachers talk about their contractual rights  —  rights hard-earned over many […]

Positive Alternative Leadership

Educators are facing unprecedented attacks on our profession and our schools.  We have worked over three years now without a contract and with no transparency in the negotiation process. Approximately half of our colleagues leave the schools after five years. In New York City, our anti-union mayor trumpets the denial of tenure to 55% probationary […]

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Three Years Ago?

It’s a pivotal question in any election: Are you better off now than you were before the last election? If you are a UFT member, the answer must be a resounding “No!” Under Michael Mulgrew and Unity, we have seen a steady deterioration of our rights, our living and teaching standards, and our prospects for […]