Mollie Bruhn A Teach for America alumnus who has been an early childhood classroom teacher at PS 106 in Brooklyn for the past five years after spending two years teaching at another public school in the Bronx. She began teaching with a year at a charter school but was let go for questioning the charterContinue reading “MORE CANDIDATE OF THE DAY: MOLLIE BRUHN, EXECUTIVE BOARD AT LARGE”

Vote MORE In April ’13!

 UFT elections are right around the corner. A MORE leadership of the UFT will mobilize the members through educational campaigns, school-level organizing and member-driven activities such as pickets, rallies and job actions to win: An end to use of student test scores to evaluate teachers. We are opposed to basing any portion of our evaluation system on standardized tests.Continue reading “Vote MORE In April ’13!”

Cavanagh Defends Her Record and Asks Mulgrew to Debate His

By Julie Cavanagh Wow. While having breakfast with my husband and almost nine month old son (who is finally on the mend after more than a week of a fever ranging 102-104 every day, during the same time my best friend’s 18 month old daughter was in the hospital, who by the way, is also a teacherContinue reading “Cavanagh Defends Her Record and Asks Mulgrew to Debate His”

President Mulgrew: Come Defend Your Record

The MORE caucus has requested several times, through several means that there be an open debate between our UFT presidential candidate Julie Cavanagh and Michael Mulgrew who represents the Unity/New Action caucuses. Repeatedly Mulgrew and his caucuses have ignored our invitations. This constant denial to debate should be of concern to all our union brothersContinue reading “President Mulgrew: Come Defend Your Record”

Happy Hours + Karen Lewis in NYC

Want to learn MORE about MORE? Meet some of the candidates running in the UFT election? Meet other educators in the area? Build a stronger chapter? Help us win the UFT election? Need a drink before Spring Break? Please join us: Friday, March 15    BROOKLYN/QUEENS BORDER / District 19: 3 – 5 PM: Boulder Creek Steakhouse 355 Gateway Drive, Brooklyn,Continue reading “Happy Hours + Karen Lewis in NYC”

Our Children’s Privacy For Sale

As reported by Reuters on March 4th, New York and eight other states are planning to hand over the private, confidential data of NY public schools students to a Gates Foundation-funded corporation (inBloom, inc.) that will share it with for-profit vendors. The student’s data will be vulnerable to misuse, hacking and theft, as the companyContinue reading “Our Children’s Privacy For Sale”