MORE Candidate of the Day: Sam Coleman, Vice Presidential Candidate for Elementary Schools

Sam Coleman, Vice Presidential Candidate for Elementary Schools, is in his 8th year as a dual language elementary school teacher at PS 24 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He served as UFT delegate and is an active organizer with a number of grassroots educator groups in NYC.

“I am running on the MORE slate because I believe that the role of the union is to merge the fight for better working conditions, job security and a fair contract with the broader fight to halt the privatization of public education. A member-driven union must be responsive to educators’ concerns. At the same time, we, the union, must educate and organize our colleagues to collectively stand up for ourselves and our students. Since joining the UFT I have been deeply disappointed by the contractual sellouts that Unity claims as victories, shocked at the leadership’s unwillingness to stand up for members in the schools and humiliated by my union’s collaboration with corporate ‘education reformers’. It is time for a Movement of Rank and File Educators to put the UFT at the front of the fight for a just public education system.”

7 thoughts on “MORE Candidate of the Day: Sam Coleman, Vice Presidential Candidate for Elementary Schools

  1. If he is so good at organizing people to be on his side and so motovated to represent the members of our union, then why isn’t he still a building rep: CL or delegate?

  2. Tell us more about this group, the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE), that he is an outspoken member of. It sounds radical. Crazy radical.

  3. I’m a keyboard warrior, I sit behind my computer and type type type- real angry too. Ill use anonymous names but make sure mulgrew and Barr know its me so I get extra free trips and dinner. I promised my unity bosses that I would sit behind the computer each and every day and show my loyalty by typing clever comments.
    What tools and hacks you all are. You must be terrible teachers too or are you like the rest of new action unity- the last time you saw a classroom I was in diapers
    Keep on hiding behind your fake names les Vegas

    1. Mike, you’re a ferocious one, ain’t you? And, anonymous too, but it’s ok if you do it.

      Anyhoo, please tell me how/where I can get some of the perks and freebies you’re so sure I’m already getting? They might hit the spot after my long 5 period days.

      1. “Aint” ha glad your not teaching my kid….Type, type keyboard warrior- will you be sitting in the center front at the next DA so mulgrew can call on you for a softball question and then you get a free hotel room upgrade at the retreat – less Vegas – you really are a traitor to our profession and our union. Ohhh am I ruffling your little feathers? No worries ill be at the next DA in my MORE shirt not hiding with the other tools
        Enough with you hack

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