MORE Candidate of the Day: Mike Schirtzer, UFT Vice President At-Large

April 6, 2013 — 4 Comments

MikeMichael Schirtzer is a UFT Delegate at Leon M. Goldstein HS who has spent the last few years battling the crippling budget cuts that hurt our students and communities. Mike led several protests with faculty, parents, local community leaders, and students against these cuts to classes, staff, and after-school programs. He built alliances with educators, parents, student groups, local politicians, and community organizations to hold joint pickets to rally against the budget cuts that impair our schools and neighborhoods. Mike has been a recipient of several awards honoring his teaching, an active member of the school leadership team for over 3 years, and is proud to work in many after-school programs.

Mike organized with teachers, counselors, and staff to support the locked out Con Ed workers, striking Verizon workers, and Firefighters who fought to stop the closings of local firehouses. He mobilized UFT members to join him on the picket lines in solidarity with CWA, UWUA, and ATU school bus drivers. He is proud to be the grandson, son, brother, and friend to union delegates and shop stewards representing TWU Local 100 and Local 101, UFA, PBA, Garment Workers, Postal Carriers among many other locals. A dedicated unionist he firmly believes that “Labor unions are an important part of American society, we will fight for workers to maintain a fair salary, benefits, and a good retirement. I pledge to be a student advocate and defender of educator’s rights”

MORE’s slogan of “Our working conditions’ are our students” learning conditions is why he joined this caucus. “I joined MORE because I want a union that fights for public education instead of being co-signers to policies that hurt our children, common core, Danielson, closing schools, high stakes testing, and mayoral control.”

As UFT Vice President Michael will

  • Lead a Union that fights back, does not give back. Mobilize teachers to have rallies, pickets, and job actions at every school to protest school closings & unfair policies! 
  •  Continue to create alliances with community organizations, parents’ associations, students groups, and local labor unions to stop under funding and over testing our students, turning our teachers into test prep machines.
  • Sign a fair contract that guarantees job security, raise in wages, a just evaluation system, medical benefits, smaller class sizes, and stop the destruction of our pension system by refusing to agree to new tiers
  • An immediate halt to the union busting agreements: no more scab charter-schools, excessing teachers/guidance counselors, denial of tenure, co-locations, or “closing” schools.



4 responses to MORE Candidate of the Day: Mike Schirtzer, UFT Vice President At-Large

    Communist Teacher April 6, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Mike, glad to have you as our VP.

    I’m also glad that you’ve chosen the critical path that we as a union must join with other union; and even non-union workers to fight for social justice not only in education, but in all areas of employment where workers are exploited by capitalist interests.


    Outstanding organizer; clear-headed multi-tasker; best “cafeteria voice” in the business. He may work at Goldstein, but you can hear him on Fordham Road.

    GASP ! He said “DANIELSON” !

    Slooooowly I turn. Step-by-step, inch-by -inch.

    LOL: Mike is matched-up against incumbent VP Fortino… Unity’s biggest Danielson enthusiast.

    What *is* that all about, anyway. VERY STRANGE.


    This is what a true union leadership looks like. Thank you for showing people like myself that solidarity is what helps all unions and ultimately all workers around the nation, world. United We Stand Divided We Fall!

    I stand with you and MORE for the rights you so clearly stated above.

    Thank you.

    Fraternally yours…and to the struggle that continues..BASTA!

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