MORE Candidate of the Day: Peter Lamphere, UFT Executive Board, High School

peterLPeter Lamphere is a Mathematics teacher at Pan American High School in Elmhurst, where he is Chapter Leader, and has been a delegate and chapter leader at a number of different schools in the Bronx and Queens.

At the Bronx High School of Science, he was part of a fight against supervisory abuse, leading to twenty of twenty-two math teachers filing a harassment grievance against their principal and assistant principal, and successfully overturning a unjust unsatisfactory rating in the courts.
He has been a consistent advocate against the new evaluations scheme, which will add to the capricious whim of supervisors the equally capricious results of standardized tests.
As part of the union’s Delegate Assembly since 2004, Peter has raised resolutions to support the Puerto Rican Teachers union and for racial justice in admissions policies for the specialized high schools.
He has served on the union’s negotiating committee for the 2007 and current (unsettled) contracts, where he has been a voice for
demands like lowering class size, and against relying on fact finding and instead in favor of membership mobilization.
“I am running with MORE because I have seen our working conditions worsen dramatically over the course of my career, while our union has limited its protest to lawsuits and lobbying.  We need a different approach that relies on strengthening our chapters, mobilizing the membership around a contract fight and allying with parents communities in the fight against mayoral control.  This approach has worked for the teachers of Chicago and a vote for MORE is a vote for that same social justice strategy in New York City.”

Peter’s writing has appeared in Socialist Worker and Gotham Schools.

9 thoughts on “MORE Candidate of the Day: Peter Lamphere, UFT Executive Board, High School

  1. Your comments are true. Nevertheless, MORE must also talk about the complete lack of discipline in the schools. That would certainly rally the base. Unfortunately, Unity is entrenched. Remember non-classroom teachers vote and they don’t have the same isssues, or understand the rigors of classroom teaching.

  2. Sorry about typing. Issues. MORE must advocate that non-teaching personnel have separate bargaining rights. We can’t go in with secretaries, guidance counselors, paras, psychologists, social workers, etc. Of course, these people need representation, but it has to be separate from teachers.

  3. Ed, that is why UNITY IS THE VOICE OF THE UNION. We include all titles in the discussion. Solidarity in the UFT, not devision and blame.

    1. You’re getting like me with the typing. Division.
      Seriously, every person must be organized, but we can’t have non-teaching personnel voting on a teacher’s contract. The reverse is also

      Failures of unity: Refusal to discuss alternative schools for disruptive pupils. Ending seniority transfers and bumping of less senior teachers. The latter gave rise to the ATR mess. Not addressing the huge class size issue.

  4. Unity includes all titles? Really? With about a dozen more co-location at this week’s PEP, which New Action and Unity will ignore, more teachers will join that fate.
    How is it that ATRs number over 1,400 ATRs Barr and the rest of the Unity brass refuse to allow us to have elected chapter leaders for each borough?
    How is it that Arundell (Unity) got to be the ATR rep and one of the top people on the election oversight committee?
    Any wonder that nearly every ATR is for the MORE slate?

    1. Let’s all thank Randi Weingarten for giving birth to the ATR situation? How? She went ahead and gave up seniorty rights for bumping less senior people. Any ATR voting Unity or New Action should be examined. Please talk about lack of discipline in NYC schools.

  5. When you transferred out of a school, your file, other than attendance records, remained in the school you left. Not now. Thanks to Unity giving back: teacher files now go with the teacher to the new school. You can’t grieve a letter? Vicious supervisors will write just about anything.

  6. Thanks to Unity-NO more seniority transfers. Therefore, we’re back to getting a position based upon whom you know. Very fair to do things. As a result, teachers who don’t have political pull, remain in the hell-holes of Calcutta. Thanks Unity. My TDA fixed went from 8 1/4 % to 7%. CSA still has the 8 1/4 figure.

  7. MORE must demand term limits for UFT elected officials. Unity has led us to continuous failure now for 50+ years. Who is MORE endorsing for mayor? If we go for Quinn, we’re guaranteeing more of Bloomberg for another 4 years.

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