MORE Candidate of the Day: Megan Behrent, UFT Vice President, High Schools


Megan Behrent is in her 14th year as an English teacher at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Brooklyn. She has been a UFT delegate for FDR since 2007. In the Delegate Assembly, she has raised resolutions to support the rights of ATRs, to fight school closings and turnarounds, and to show solidarity with other unions including Seattle teachers who recently organized a boycott of standardized tests. She also helped to organize solidarity in New York City in support of the Chicago Teachers Union strike last fall. As an education activist, she has appeared on the Melissa Harris Parry show on MSNBC and written for diverse publications including Socialist Worker, New Politics, Labor Notes and the Harvard Education Review.

“I am running with MORE because I believe we need to build a rank and file fight back against the scorched earth policies of the corporate education deformers. For too long, we have seen a one sided attack on our union and our schools. I believe a strong, rank and file driven union committed to social justice unionism can lead the fight for the schools our children deserve. We need an alternative to the Unity leadership’s disastrous strategy of concessions which has led to deteriorating working and learning conditions in our schools. I believe MORE is that alternative. MORE will fight for greater democracy and a union that is responsive to the needs of rank and file members while also fighting for more resources for our schools, and for quality public education for all students.”

One thought on “MORE Candidate of the Day: Megan Behrent, UFT Vice President, High Schools

  1. Great another Socialist running with MORE. That makes two that we know of, her and Brian Jones. I’ll just show this to people in my school. Nobody is going to vote for Socialists.

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