More Than a Score: Talk Back to Testing


A Fair Contract Now!

We have worked more than four years under an expired contract. We deserve more! The Movement of Rank and File Educators believes we should not accept any contract that fails to win the following: 1. Full retroactive pay: We have lived through four years of a wage freeze. Yet our bills, living costs, and transportation […]

MORE Calls on the UFT Leadership to Follow the Rules

Dictionary definition of debate: To discuss a question by considering opposed arguments. UFT Delegate Assemblies are awash in a sea of undemocratic procedures. One of the most egregious has been the abuse of the rules that govern debate. The leadership and its UNITY Caucus supporters have 100 minutes to present their case plus a 10-minute […]

For a progressive chancellor and an open selection process

MORE is proud to endorse the call by our friends and allies in ICOPE, BYNEE and MANY for a chancellor who has a progressive vision for New York City schools and for a open and democratic process for their selection that includes the voices of parents, teachers and students. Please see full and detailed text […]

Why I think the UFT should REALLY fight “Advance” (Part 2): Speaking Up at the Delegate Assembly

by Megan Moskop Teacher/UFT Delegate M.S. 324- Patria Mirabal Note: I am an active UFT and MORE member because I believe that our union can be a powerful voice for the teaching profession, the quality of our education system, and ultimately the quality of our society. ¬†Though I am critical of our current UFT leadership, […]