MORE Stands Against Common Core, with Parents and Teachers Boycotting the Tests

Tomorrow, April 1st, students across NY State will take the second year of Common Core aligned tests.  Last year’s test administration was a disaster, but continue rollout this year of the standards revealed what a deeply flawed project they are. The resistance, however, is growing: parents are opting their children out of the tests in large numbers, and […]

Number of NYC Parents Refusing State Tests Expected to Triple in 2014

Change the Stakes FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 26, 2014 CONTACT: Janine Sopp, 917-541-6062, Nancy Cauthen, 646-438-1233, Number of NYC Parents Refusing State Tests Expected to Triple in 2014 New York City –What began two years ago as a small pocket of resistance has burgeoned into a full-blown protest movement: public school parents […]

Open Letter to Iannuzzi and Mulgrew on NYSUT Elections

IANNUZZI ANSWERS MORE-GOLDSTEIN-DIMINO CALL FOR NYSUT DEBATE; MULGEW IS SILENT Commentary by James Eterno Jamaica High School Chapter Leader/ 2010 ICE/TJC UFT Presidential Candidate   The email below was sent to NYSUT President and Stronger Together leader Dick Iannuzzi, UFT President Michael Mulgrew and Revive NYSUT from several of the candidates running for office in […]

DA Report 3/19- Resolution to Defend Educators Voted Down

UNITY TURNS DOWN MORE DA RESOLUTION CALLING FOR ESCALATION OF DEFENSE OF CHAPTER LEADERS & RANK AND FILE By James Eterno Chapter Leader Jamaica High School MORE”s monthly UFT Delegate Assembly Report The March 19 Delegate Assembly was highlighted by MORE’s Kit Wainer speaking in favor of a MORE sponsored resolution for the UFT to escalate […]

Resolution to Unite in Defense of Teachers Under Attack

The MORE caucus will present this resolution at today’s UFT Delegate Assembly. Tomorrow we will publish our DA report. Whereas, educators are fearful of reporting detrimental working and learnings conditions established by principals who work in a dictatorial Whereas, our contract provides due process for all UFT members; and Whereas, whistleblowers such as Francesco Portelos […]

MORE Challenges Unity In NYSUT Elections

MORE CAUCUS OF UFT TO CHALLENGE CURRENT UFT LEADERSHIP IN STATEWIDE UNION ELECTIONS RANK AND FILE EDUCATORS WILL BRING REAL CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE TO UNION POSITIONS New York – The Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE), the Social Justice Caucus of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), best known for opposing UFT’s President Michael Mulgrew […]