Send It Back: MORE, UNITY, and the UFT Contract

Dan Lupkin Special Education Teacher/UFT Delegate PS 58, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Lest we forget, the UFT leadership works for the membership- NOT the other way around. Our dues pay for their salaries, their perks, and the UFT skyscraper at 52 Broadway. Our COPE money buys the “seat at the table” with the politicians, billionaires, andContinue reading “Send It Back: MORE, UNITY, and the UFT Contract”

The Wait Isn’t Over

By Julie Cavanagh Teacher/Chapter-leader P.S. 15k A shortened version of this was published at WNYC/NPR Schoolbook  The Wait Isn’t Over UFT members and the children we serve have suffered over the last several years due to deteriorating learning and working conditions. The proposed new UFT contract highlights this administration’s commitment to the restoration of collaborationContinue reading “The Wait Isn’t Over”

Organize the No Vote Against this Contract

Saturday, May 10 12:00 – 3:00pm Ya-Ya Network 224 W. 29th St., 14th Fl. Come to a meeting with UFT Chapter Leaders and Contract Committee members to hear a breakdown of the proposal, ask questions, and organize against the proposed contract in our schools. Join us in fighting for The Contract NYC Educators Deserve! RSVPContinue reading “Organize the No Vote Against this Contract”

DA Report- Why Vote No

  By James Eterno Jamaica High School Chapter Leader Report from UFT’s 5/7/14 Delegate Assemebly I am going to dispense with my usual lengthy summary of what President Mulgrew said because you’ve already seen most of it in the UFT propaganda literature or you will hear it when union representatives come to your schools. “Up until twoContinue reading “DA Report- Why Vote No”

UFT Contract – Vote NO Press Conference!

UFT CONTRACT: NOT A DONE DEAL UNTIL THE MEMBERSHIP VOTES NYC Public School Educators to UFT Leaders: “Go Back to the Bargaining Table!”   MORE —  A UFT Caucus — Calls for Educators to Vote No Launches grassroots campaign for “Contract NYC Educators Deserve”  WHEN: Wednesday, May 7 2014, approximately 6:15pm (After UFT Delegate Assembly) WHERE: SW Corner ofContinue reading “UFT Contract – Vote NO Press Conference!”