How to get involved with MORE’s Fall Campaigns!

MORE is moving forward on our priorities and campaigns for the fall.  We need YOU to get involved and help us campaign around tenure, charter schools, high-stakes testing, chapter leader elections, local UFT member support, diversity petition and MORE!

Ways to get involved – email us at or call at (347) 766-7319 to join any of these campaigns.

Please check out our events calendar at

  • Distribute Our Newsletter! – This is the most essential thing every member should do to build our caucus.  The newsletter is how we raise our collective voice and recruit new activists. MORE members should distribute MORE newsletters to all UFT members in their school mailboxes and try to make contacts at nearby schools as well. Download our recent copy here

  • Charter-school co-location hearings – Join us as we stand together with parents, students, and fellow UFTers against the privatization of our schools and defend public schools that serve the local community. We stand against the proliferation of charter schools that crowd out district schools and do not serve all our children  Charters are are often run by corporations as for-profits.

  • Local Educator Support – MORE is supporting UFT members in all boroughs who need assistance in their schools, are under attack from bad administrators, or just want to work on building a stronger UFT. Meet MORE after work, during lunch, or at a happy hour. To set up a local meeting in your neighborhood or district with our experienced chapter leaders- contact our local coordinators – Click here for more details

  • ATRs – Contact us so we can put you in touch with a confidential ATR support group. Work with us to fight for full union representation, an ATR chapter with an elected Chapter Leader and Delegates.

  • Chapter Leader/Delegates Group – This group is involved in chapter building, answering contract questions, assisting with grievances, and coordinating MORE’s presence at the monthly delegate assembly. Chapter Leaders and Delegates are welcome to join our email support list by emailing

  • MORE Election Committee – MORE is running in the Spring 2015 chapter leader and delegate elections, and gearing up for a run for union office in 2016. Interested in running or know someone who is? Let us know.

  • New Teacher Support Group – MORE has a special committee dedicated to supporting new teachers and hosting social and educational events introducing new teachers to the benefits of teacher unions. Need advice? Want to join? Contact us!

  • Circulate the Teacher Diversity Petition in your school – MORE is working with allies to address the issue of declining teacher diversity in our school. Use the petition as a way to start conversations and build a stronger chapter.

  • Tenure – We are working closely with Stronger Together (a NYSUT statewide caucus) and the National Social Justice Network made up of activists, caucuses and AFT/NEA locals from around the country. Look for our campaign to push the union leadership to mobilize in defense of due process. Share our press release here

  • MORE Media Committee – If you are interested in writing for the MORE blog and newsletter please contact us.  Are you social media savvy? Want to Tweet, FacebookPintrest, create videos for our YouTube channel, help build our new website, or create weekly email updates?  Join the MORE social media committee!

  • MORE Membership committee – Enjoy hosting events, recruiting new members, working on our database, then join our membership committee. We welcome new members, set up tables at all our events, manage membership records, and develop renewal campaigns.

  • Join MORE – Finally and most important- now is the time become a member of our caucus by joining MORE. New school year, please renew your membership. Become a sustainer by making monthly automatic payments of $10, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford. If you want to make a large tax deductible donation to our 501c3 please contact us

We welcome your feedback and ideas. Please contact us at, call (347) 766-7319, or speak to one of our elected steering committee members at

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