Paraprofessionals: Organize and Mobilize


For those of you who have paraprofessionals in the classroom, we must recognize that they are the backbone support in our schools. They help with lesson implementation, classroom management, follow agreed upon roles with the classroom and more. It is important for us educators to foster and improve our relationships with paraprofessionals. We need to listen to them as well. Hear what they have to say to help our classrooms run more efficiently. Finally, we need to respect paraprofessionals for what they do for our students and for us everyday. They are so much more than simply crisis management. This is a team effort and we need our classrooms to be run this way.

How We Can Help:

-Do you have a Para Leader in your school?

If not, you can encourage an exemplary

paraprofessional to take on this role. A Para

Leader can help with staff relationships

and offer support in your school. You can

contact the UFT to help with this position.

-Within MORE

We would love for paraprofessionals to

become members and attend our meetings.

They too have a voice and they should use it. I

am sure they could offer plenty of suggestions

to help build better relationships amongst staff,

and offer helpful techniques to aid with

classroom management.

-Help paraprofessional voices to be heard-

We would also love to have paraprofessionals

write for our blogs and to be active within our


We can also start up a Paraprofessional committee for support

and open dialog as to how to build better relationships in our


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