Peace and Condolences

MORE wishes to express our deepest condolences and sends our warmest thoughts to the families of murdered NYPD officers Wenjian Lui and Rafael Ramos.
All murder is wrong. All murderers should be brought to justice. This is true when police officers are victims and when civilians are victims.

While we reject the language of those who would exploit this horrific event for political gain, let us work as a city and a nation, together, to create a better, peaceful, compassionate, and equitable world. Losing a loved one, because of the violent act of civilian or officer, should be something we can all agree must end.

3 thoughts on “Peace and Condolences

  1. All New York Residents and non residents ought to approach a police officer and thank them for the work they do in our communities to keep us safe.

    1. Just today I saw four Officers standing together and I went up to each one of them and said “Thank you NYPD” They responded “We appreciate it” It’s the least we can do.

      1. You performed a Chanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s mitzvah. I am sure the officers appreciated your endorsement of their work.

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