Teachers and Parents Join Together To Protect Our Schools


Parents, Teachers, and Grassroots Organizations From Around New York State Join Together To Defend Public Education From Cuomo’s Attacks.

For Immediate Release:

Contacts: Jia Lee 

Nancy Cauthen 


Governor Cuomo has proposed detrimental changes to our public schools that do not serve the best interests of our children. Excessive testing, teacher evaluations tied to test scores, lack of funding, charter school expansion, school closings, and state takeover of our local schools are some of the many concerns shared by parents, educators, and children across New York State.

The real stakeholders have come together to protect our schools and stand up for our children. It is time for the Governor to listen to his constituents. We want an end to the attacks on our schools and the opportunity to work together for real reform. The testing regime has diverted resources from arts, music, after-school activities and has focused instruction on bubbling in the “correct” answer instead of critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

Please join us at any of our many actions across the state: “Hands around schools” events, rallies at local schools, distributing fliers at parades and events, presentations at parent, community, and teacher union meetings, opt-out workshops, forums, and protests at Cuomo’s regional offices.

Parents, teachers, administrators, and our elected officials will all be involved in this collective campaign to stop Governor Cuomo’s attacks, end the over-testing of our children, and to protect our most valued public institution, our schools.

We invite you to join us at any our events or contact us to set up an interview with our teachers and parents.


Change the Stakes (changethestakes.org) is a group of New York City parents and educators working together to promote alternatives to high stakes-testing.

Movement of Rank and File Educators-MORE (MOREcaucusNYC.org) is caucus of the UFT that represents working educators from across New York City fighting for the public schools our children and educators deserve.
New York State Alliance for Public Education  is a group of over 50 parent and educator groups from around the state. We are supporters of public education who believe excessive high-stakes testing and inappropriate sharing of private student data without parental consent threatens the futures of our students, schools, and state.

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