UFT Chapter Leader Elections

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UFT Chapter Leader and Delegate Elections
1. The UFT will announce guidelines for chapter leader and delegate elections this spring.
The elections will be held in May or June.
2. Each chapter must have an election committee. Election committee administers the
election according to UFT guidelines. The chapter leader or anyone running can not be
on the committee.
3. Election committee should have members from different grades, titles, departments to
oversee nominations, voting, and counting. If you are running make sure you have an
ally on the committee
4. Every chapter member votes for chapter leader. Only teachers vote for school based
5. Non-teachers (guidance counselors, secretaries, paraprofessionals, OTs, PTs, nurses,
etc.) also elect their own delegates and chapter leaders in city-wide “functional chapter”
6. Notification of nomination period and election must be posted on your chapter’s UFT
bulletin board. We strongly suggest all notifications be distributed in member’s mailboxes
and sent out via chapter email, if your chapter leader is using one.
7. If your chapter leader has not called for election by May 1st, ask him/her when it is. If an
election is not called then get in touch with your UFT Borough Representative:
Brooklyn: 718-852-4900
Bronx: 718-379-6200
Manhattan: 212-598-6800
Queens: 718-275-4400
Staten Island: 718-605-1400
If you are considering running for Chapter Leader and Delegate, or have a friend that is; please
contact more@morecaucusnyc.org to set up a meeting near you. We can advise you on best
strategies for winning an election campaign and organizing your chapter.
Twitter @MOREcaucusNYC


2 thoughts on “UFT Chapter Leader Elections

  1. Let’s vote for discipline in the public schools. Far too many schools are out of control and the National Guard needs to be called in to restore order. Remember Unity Caucus and their expedited grievance procedure for correcting class sizes? What a joke that is. Class sizes remain very high. Time to get the unruly removed from classrooms. Want to be judged from the recalcitrant pupils who gave the young girl quite a beating at McDonald’s on Flatbush Avenue? We desperately need the restoration of the 600 school for trouble youth. When will the liberals finally wake up to this need. My letter to the Daily News appeared in the Voice of the People Column on 3/13 regarding this topic. The answer to improved education is not throwing money at it. Stop with the liberal nonsense of total child, alternate assessments, cooperative learning and the new supervisory lingo of rigor. Supervisors are brilliant in the sense that they knew how to get out of the classroom. Of course, many never taught to begin with as they came out of the Leadership Academy. Time for Granny Farina to start teaching again as a reminder of the conditions that teachers have to put up with. She can do this with that salary and pension that she keeps pulling down. What a rip-off. Only we would allow that. How about the union hierarchy and their double pensions? Education is a privilege. Stop allowing disruptive children to ruin the education of others who want to learn.

  2. I thought elections for chapter leader took place in April. Are you 100% sure that elections are held in May or June? (I could not find any info on the UFT website)

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