Who Controls the UFT?

By Michael Fiorillo, Teacher, Newcomers HS MORE Steering Committee  To most teachers, often overwhelmed by ever-increasing demands that have little or nothing to do with providing the best education for their students, the UFT seems remote from their daily experience. Beyond welfare fund services, when they think about the Union at all, it is oftenContinue reading “Who Controls the UFT?”


The School Renewal Program rolled out last November was designed to support “low performing” schools. Since then, a disproportionate number have been the targets of charter co-location proposals. While some have already been approved, more are on the way. This Wednesday three charter school co-location proposals targeting Renewal Schools will be put to a voteContinue reading “WED: VOTE NO ON CHARTER CO-LOCATIONS!”

Petition for the Creation of a UFT Chapter for ATRs

ATR Petition to Print Out for Distribution ATRs have been prime staff casualties of school closures, which are driven largely by high-stakes test scores; the Bloomberg-era Fair Funding Formula continues to be a disincentive against principals’ hiring ATRs; the position state in itself is illegitimate and unacceptable: the ATR status is created simply to breakContinue reading “Petition for the Creation of a UFT Chapter for ATRs”

CALL 311 TODAY to Fight a Success Academy Co-Location!

***Press Conference*** Our School Community Matters! VOTE NO on the Success Academy Co-Location at JHS145x Educational Complex Friday April 24, 3:30  Bronx Borough President’s Office  851 Grand Concourse, at 161 Street  CALL 311 TODAY to demand a change of location for the co-location vote regarding the Bronx schools at 1000 Teller Ave. It’s no secretContinue reading “CALL 311 TODAY to Fight a Success Academy Co-Location!”

Moskowitz’s Third Annual Spring Benefit Protest

By Mindy Rosier I broke out my dressy clothes, some earrings, and my red lipstick for last night’s fundraiser for Eva Moskowitz. I was not a guest. As a mere teacher, I could not afford to attend the Third Annual Spring Benefit that began at 6:30 pm. Cocktails and dinner were served and of courseContinue reading “Moskowitz’s Third Annual Spring Benefit Protest”

In Tribute to Victor Gotbaum

MORE sends its deepest condolences to our friend and fellow defender of public education, Noah Gotbaum and his family, over the death of his father, Victor. Victor Gotbaum was among the most prominent union leaders during the glory days of public employee unionism. A great organizer and defender of worker’s interests, Victor Gotbaum led DistrictContinue reading “In Tribute to Victor Gotbaum”

An Open Letter to NY Parents and Educators

To the Public School Families and Educators of New York- I would like to thank the many of you who have gone way out of their way to stand up for our schools, for their children’s educators, and for public education in New York. Governor Cuomo’s attacks have galvanized parents , students, and educators acrossContinue reading “An Open Letter to NY Parents and Educators”