Support ATRs and Rally Against High Stakes Testing

Monday 5:30-6:30pm

UFT Headquarters
Executive Board Meeting

52 Broadway in Manhattan 2nd Floor

Absent Teacher Reserves and Leave Replacement Teachers would appreciate your support. They have been asking for an ATR Chapter to represent our unique interests for a long time now.  We have filed a complaint with the UFT Executive Board concerning the Chapter Election process. ATRs are being compelled to vote and run for office at schools we are just passing through in May and might know nothing about instead of being permitted to vote for our own ATR representatives.

The UFT Executive Board will officially respond to our complaint and we will have an opportunity to voice our support.


NYC Teachers Rally & Speak Out

Against High Stakes Testing!

Tuesday May 5, 2015 @ 4:30pm

Washington Square Park


  We Speak Out For. . .

  • Diverse and authentic assessments used to inform instruction. Less time spent on test prep and bureaucratic paperwork so teachers can focus on planning meaningful instruction.

  • Culturally responsive, collaborative, and student-centered curriculum.

  • Well-rounded and robust programs including arts, physical education, and career and technical education for all.

  • Re-claiming a moral profession in unethical times.

*Spread the word  *Bring signs & banners  * Encourage you organization or chapter to endorse the event.



Let us know if you’d like to say a few words during the Speak Out.

Sponsored/Endorsed by: MORE (Movement of Rank and File Educators)

2 thoughts on “Support ATRs and Rally Against High Stakes Testing

  1. 1 Question:

    How do you suppose an ATR can fulfill all duties and responsibilities of a Chapter Leader/Delegate in a building (Chapter and Consultation meetings, SLT, etc.) if, by nature of the position, they’d only be at said building for a few weeks at a time? Moreover, they’d probably serve one cycle at said building ALL YEAR.
    How will that be addressed

  2. File a complaint with Randi. After all, in the disastrous 2005 contract, she gave up seniority transfers and the right to bump teachers with less seniority. This gave birth to the ATR system. Guess what? The moronic membership ratified the contract.

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