Hardcore UFT Chapter Leader Training

"A say in the priorites of our Union? (UFT) Sure, we'd like MORE."
A plea for union democracy

The Nuts and Bolts of Leading Your Chapter

Open to all newly elected or veteran chapter leaders, delegates, consultation/SLT committee members, para-reps, and anyone interested in getting more involved in their chapter.

Thursday July 9th and August 20 4pm-7pm

The Dark Horse Pub

17 Murray St. NYC (downstairs)

Near City Hall, Chambers St., WTC

 Experienced chapter leaders will provide workshops on:

Getting your members involved

Enforcing contractual rights

Planning chapter and consultation meetings

Fighting back against administration

Building allies in PTA/SLT

Filing grievances

Working with your District/Borough Representatives

RSVP and share our Facebook event here
Chapter Leaders and Delegates join our email support listserve here
Email: ChapterLeaderMeetup+subscribe@googlegroups.com
email more@morecaucusnyc.org

One thought on “Hardcore UFT Chapter Leader Training

  1. Sorry I saw this notice after the fact. I thought I was on your email list. I forgot the person I wrote to earlier about my pro se Article 78 case to overturn a U rating — I am currently organizing my exhibits to submit with my amended petition, due in a couple of weeks.

    One of the “incidents” showing the principal’s bad faith motive is her charge that she
    walked into my class and when she asked where is my lesson plan — I showed her
    my plan that was clearly posted on the board. A few days later, she appeared in
    my classroom with a disciplinary letter saying that I did not have a plan, that when asked
    I told her I didn’t have one. At the disciplinary meeting which followed with my union
    chapter leader, I displayed my lesson plan, related handouts and student work. The
    principal just parroted “It’s not a plan.” The chapter leader then supported me, stating it
    was in fact an EXTENSIVE lesson plan and then she read from the contract the section about the teacher had a right to decide the organization of her lesson plan.

    Principal’s follow-up letter said I did not have a lesson plan and put words in my
    mouth that I told her in the future I would have plans. Complete fabrication ending
    with threats of U-rating and termination.

    So now, all I need from my chapter leader who was the only witness to this meeting,
    is a note confirming my account of the meeting — which she has been refusing to do and says she will only furnish me with a note supporting my account if she is subpoenaed in court or if a lawyer representing me makes this request to her. That I can’t afford a private lawyer and I am working with an extremely competent paralegal is of no interest to her.
    Seems like an excuse not to cooperate. Is she required as my chapter leader to affirm my statement (which she agrees with). Or does she have a right to refuse a union member this minimum of support?

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