Summer Series- Workshops and Discussions


Please join MORE caucus UFT 4th Annual Summer Series.  It’s a great chance to Discuss, Debate, and Organize!

Thursdays this summer, 4pm-7pm

All are welcome!

The Dark Horse, 17 Murray St. NYC
Near City Hall, Chambers St, WTC
Drink specials: $4 domestic drafts, $6 well drinks and $7 wine.

Please click on the links to RSVP on Facebook

July 9th
Hardcore MORE Chapter Leader Training: The Nuts and Bolts of Leading Your Chapter – Part I

Open to all newly elected or veteran chapter leaders, delegates, consultation/SLT committee members, para-reps, and anyone interested in getting more involved in their chapter. Some of the topics include: Getting members involved, Enforcing contractual rights, Planning chapter & consultation meetings, Fighting back against administration, Building allies in PTA/SLT, Filing grievances

July 23rd
How To Build an Opt-Out Movement in Your School

High Stakes Testing and the Teacher Evaluation System are suffocating public education. As Diane Ravitch states – the only way to save our schools is to starve the data beast. That is the mission of the opt out movement. Find out how teachers around the state are working together with parents to organize against high stakes testing and fight for the schools our students deserve!

July 30th
MORE/UFT 101 Who, What, Why?

Are you wondering what the teacher union is all about and what it means to you and your students? Is it something you should be active in?  Can unions be vehicles for social justice? What is a caucus? How has the UNITY Caucus kept control of the UFT for over 40 years? Why did MORE form?   Meet with new and veteran teachers to discuss these questions and more in this introduction to the inner workings of the UFT.

August 13th
What is the role of UFT Elections in Building a caucus?

What should a 2016 grassroots UFT election campaign look like? Does MORE have the resources and activists to mount an effective campaign? How can we use new tools and lessons learned to ensure that organizing  for the election will build MORE? Come learn election nuts and bolts, brainstorm creative election strategies, and plan ahead for how we’ll build a campaign that builds a better union.

August 20th
Hardcore MORE Chapter Leader Training: The Nuts and Bolts of Leading Your Chapter – Part II
(See Part 1 Above)

2 thoughts on “Summer Series- Workshops and Discussions

  1. I would love to meet with you guys and gals but i teach at LaGuardia Thirsday nights this summer from 5:45-9:00. Please keep me informed. I am working on homes for the Homeless. The social justice committee of retirees passed a resolution in support of new sensible public housing June 18th. It is supposed to more to the next level and be hopefully voted on in september. Would like to meet with everyone at 4:00 july 23rd. Can I get a chance to put fprward the agenda of Fiorello Homes for the Homeless? I have college students and graduates involved helping me. would love to have some of you come aboard on this fight. Our Mayor’s “affordable” housing program kis a farce although he is making progress on our current pub;lic housing which Giuliana and Bloomberg totally neglected. However, he is following the Bloomberg agenda and allowing private developers come into public housing land and build market value and “affordable” housing on public property. 421A must be stopped. let’s talk more. Go to our website Fiorello Homes for the Homeless. Planning a meeting at LaGuardia from 1:00-3:00 July 18th – a saturday. Look us up. Jerry f

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