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UFT elections, Spring 2016.

Join MORE-UFT (Movement of Rank and File Educators) to chart a new course for the UFT. A MORE leadership of the UFT will mobilize members, parents and allies to defend our working conditions and stop the transformation of schools into test-prep factories.


A fair contract in 2018. Under Mulgrew/Unity, our salaries don’t keep up with inflation. We won’t even get our 2009 raises until 2020. A MORE-UFT leadership will mobilize members and allies to put real pressure on the city for a better, fair contract in 2018.

Support Opt Out! Mulgrew and Unity refuse to support the movement of parents who are “opting out” of the use of standardized tests to evaluate students and teachers.  MORE Chapter Leaders and members are already working with parents to spread the word about “opting out.” A MORE-UFT leadership will offer full support to “Opt Out.”  

Rebuild our union from the bottom up! Under Mulgrew/Unity, members often face abusive administrators and violations of the contract alone. Some schools don’t even have functioning chapters. MORE already brings UFT members together across the city to provide mutual support, training, and education to address these issues. A MORE-UFT leadership will help members transform the union into a force in every school that can oppose abusive supervisors and contract violations.

What can I do?

  • Become a dues-paying MORE-UFT member for only $10 for the year.
  • Distribute MORE-UFT literature in your school.
  • Contact us to have a happy hour near your school or come to one of the ones we already have planned (see below.)
  • Become part of a flyering team in your school’s neighborhood.
  • Promote MORE-UFT by following and sharing us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you agree with our Mission, run for union office on our slate! There are literally hundreds of positions, large and small.
  • Join our social media, membership, literature, or organizing committees

For more info contact

Upcoming Events

Brooklyn Happy Hour

Friday 9/25

Bay Ridge 3:30-7:00pm

Harp Bar

7710 3rd ave (btwn 77-78th st.)

Facebook link here
Bronx Happy Hour

Friday 9/25


Mott Haven Bar

1 Bruckner Blvd.

Facebook link here
Leafleting Outside the UFT’s City-Wide Chapter Leader Meeting

Tuesday 9/29


Outside 52 Broadway, the UFT Headquarters.
Post Chapter Leader Happy Hour -one block away from UFT HQ

Tuesday 9/29


Blarney Stone

11 Trinity Pl

Downtown, NYC

open to all UFT members

Facebook Link here

Leafleting the First Delegate’s Assembly

Wed 10/14


Outside 52 Broadway, the UFT Headquarters.
Save the Date for our

“State of Our Union,

State of Our Schools”


Sat 10/24, 

P.S. 58

330 Smith St.

Brooklyn, NY

Details and Registration Here

What do we need to improve working and learning conditions? How do we build a better union? Come out to discuss and  shape our platform!



At our July summer meeting MORE decided to send a message to New Action/UFT indicating a willingness to work together in the upcoming UFT officer elections, provided that NA/UFT was no longer planning on endorsing Michael Mulgrew for President or other Unity candidates. New Action’s initial response was positive. The MORE steering committee then designated Lauren Cohen, James Eterno, and Kit Wainer to negotiate with New Action on MORE’s behalf. At the joint meetings a formal proposal was agreed upon. New Action ratified it at its September 10 meeting. The MORE steering committee unanimously recommends that MORE members ratify it as well. The proposal will be discussed at the September 19 MORE general meeting and voted on by MORE members via online ballot the following week.

 This primary proposal is for a joint, full MORE/New Action slate in the Spring 2016 UFT election. Full text will be released if and when our members ratify.

MORE pledges to all UFT members and the communities we serve that our goal continues to be; to have a mobilized, active union that can effectively fight for our rights by giving all members a voice in the UFT. We encourage all NYC educators to join us in challenging the UFT leadership and transforming the union into one that can lead the fight in advocating for a fair and equitable education for all our children while ending the profit-driven testing policies that harms teachers, students, and schools. Public schools are under attack, that is why we need a new union leadership that will lead the fight back. Each educator experiences the attacks on our profession differently: for some, the testing frenzy has dramatically changed their work lives for the worse. For others, the new evaluation process and life under a weak contract are the main concerns. Many of our members work under horrific and abusive administrators and that reality overshadows everything else. A strong, member-driven union that stands together with our communities is the only way to have the public schools we all deserve. The time is now to revitalize the teachers union here in New York City!

Any member of the UFT can become a member of the caucus by making a minimum annual donation of the reduced amount of $10 because of our current Membership Drive! And for only $20, you will also receive a MORE T-Shirt! Act now while supplies last.

If you would like to make an on-going monthly donation to help sustain MORE’s activities, consider becoming a MORE sustainer.

We also accept the support of community members and parents who are not UFT members.


Please Join us at these exciting upcoming events!

To schedule a happy hour or meeting near you please email

Sat. 9/19 Join MORE-UFT at our first meeting of the 2015-2016 school year! 

All NYC educators are invited to join as as we plan events and campaigns, learn from each other, develop real world strategies, and work together to address beginning-of-the-year concerns in our schools and communities.

• What’s Up at Your School?
• #MORE2016: the UFT Election Campaign
• Connecting with Other UFT members in Your District
• Organizing for MORE: How to Talk to Potential Members about MORE-UFT

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St. Cyril  of Turau Belarusian Cathedral
401 Atlantic Ave (corner of Bond st)
Brooklyn, NY
LIRR and NYC trains to Atlantic Ave station
metered parking and nearby lots available

Fri. 9/25 Brooklyn and Bronx Back to School Happy Hours

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Harp Bar

7710 3rd Ave

3:30- 7:00PM

facebook link here


Mott Haven Bar

1 Bruckner Blvd


facebook link here

MORE will be challenging Michael Mulgrew and his Unity caucus in the 2016 UFT officer elections. We want to hear from you, what are the issues in your school? How can we change our union for the better?
We will also have experienced UFT chapter leaders available to answer your questions on the new contract, evaluations, testing, lesson plans, dealing with bad administrators or any other UFT questions you may have.
Come have some drinks and meet educators from nearby schools!

Happy hour beer and drink specials



MORE-UFT supports the efforts of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association and other unions to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sister educators on strike in Seattle. MORE-UFT chapters are showing support in their own ways.

IMG_0561 Image-1

Below is the resolution passed by the PJSTA:

At today’s Representative Council meeting the PJSTA’s governing body passed a resolution in support of the Seattle Education Association who are currently on strike in Seattle as they fight for the schools Seattle’s students deserve.  Additionally the PJSTA pledged to launch a solidarity campaign in our schools and asked NYSUT to similarly support the SEA while encouraging it’s locals to issue their own resolutions in support of the SEA.  Details on the solidarity campaign will hit the buildings tomorrow.

Here is the text of the resolution…

Whereas the Seattle Education Association is locked in a contract battle that has important consequences for educators everywhere; and

Whereas Seattle teachers have worked diligently to build coalitions within their communities and have won the support of parents, and mobilized for a contract that includes not only fair compensation and secure working conditions, but a decrease in high stakes testing, and increased services for their students; and

Whereas the Seattle Education Association is seeking to install site based teams in each school to address structural inequities and institutional racism that plague their school district; and

Whereas the Seattle Education Association is seeking caseload caps for school psychologists and counselors to better meet the needs of the students that they serve; and

Whereas the Seattle Education Association has not had a cost of living adjustment in 6 years and the district has $50 million in reserves and has recently received $40 million in new monies from Washington State; and

Whereas the Seattle Education Association went on a one day strike last spring in protest of the current reform movement that is damaging public education and, therefore stood tall for all public school teachers across the country facing similar reforms, including members of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association; and

Whereas the Seattle Education Association is a fellow affiliate of the National Education Association; and

Whereas a victory for Seattle teachers would greatly encourage teachers everywhere, including members of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association and the New York State United Teachers, to continue in our increasingly stronger efforts to combat damaging and abusive public education reforms in our own communities; and

Whereas a victory for the Seattle Education Association would be a victory for public-sector employees across the country who continue to oppose the privatization of public resources and the plundering of public assets; and

Whereas the Seattle Education Association membership has voted unanimously to authorize the strike; therefore be it

Resolved that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association supports the Seattle Education Association in its fight to negotiate a contract that meets the needs of its members, their students, and their communities; and be it further

Resolved that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association will launch a solidarity campaign, to be shared via social media, in its schools and encourage all of its members to participate in the campaign as a show of support and solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Seattle; and be it further
Resolved that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association urges NYSUT and its affiliates to adopt a similar resolution.


The following is from a UFT Chapter Leader to the members with important and useful information regarding the “Advance” ratings that NYC teachers received in their NYC DOE email. 

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you had a restful and fulfilling summer away from Danielsons and MOSLs and Common Core.

The coming school year will present many unique challenges for us. We will start the school year most likely not even knowing how we will be evaluated. The city has until October to decide if it wants to implement the state’s new evaluation plan passed last school year or delay it. (

Furthermore, an expected spate of teachers rated “ineffective” and “developing” around the city ensures we will be hearing stories about appeals and Teacher Improvement Plans for the next 12 months.

If you do not know what your rating is yet for the year, it was sent to your DOE email.

Continue Reading…

MORE has sent the following letter of solidarity along with a monetary donation to support the Dyett hunger strikers in Chicago.

Please post black and white pictures to twitter under the hashtag #FightForDyett to show your solidarity (or email to and we can tweet for you) – below see a few of the MORE members who have done so…

August 28, 2015

The Movement of Rank and File Educators, of the United Federation of Teachers, stand in solidarity with the Dyett Hunger Strikers: Jitu Brown, Prudence Brown, Anna Jones, Jeanette Taylor-Ramaan, Monique Redeaux-Smith, Aisha Wade-Bey, Nelson Soza, Cathy Dale, Robert Jones, Irene Robinson, April Stogner, Marc Kaplan and their entire community. Dyett is all of us.

We support the notion that the Dyett school community has a vision and solutions to preserving their public schools. We support the highest moral and ethical stand of putting their basic needs at the same place as their need for democratic decision making. The action of denying themselves basic sustenance to support life is the height to which they’ve reached in protecting their right to public schools their children deserve.

As we send our solidarity, we call on those elected to represent their constituents to stand with their community when the only thing they are demanding is their school.

Representative steering members of the MORE caucus,

John Antush, Lauren Cohen, Peter Lamphere August Leppelmeier, Jia Lee, Dan Lupkin, Megan Moskop, Mike Shirtzer, Kit Wainer

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