MORE and New Action Propose Joint Slate for UFT Elections


At our July summer meeting MORE decided to send a message to New Action/UFT indicating a willingness to work together in the upcoming UFT officer elections, provided that NA/UFT was no longer planning on endorsing Michael Mulgrew for President or other Unity candidates. New Action’s initial response was positive. The MORE steering committee then designated Lauren Cohen, James Eterno, and Kit Wainer to negotiate with New Action on MORE’s behalf. At the joint meetings a formal proposal was agreed upon. New Action ratified it at its September 10 meeting. The MORE steering committee unanimously recommends that MORE members ratify it as well. The proposal will be discussed at the September 19 MORE general meeting and voted on by MORE members via online ballot the following week.

 This primary proposal is for a joint, full MORE/New Action slate in the Spring 2016 UFT election. Full text will be released if and when our members ratify.

MORE pledges to all UFT members and the communities we serve that our goal continues to be; to have a mobilized, active union that can effectively fight for our rights by giving all members a voice in the UFT. We encourage all NYC educators to join us in challenging the UFT leadership and transforming the union into one that can lead the fight in advocating for a fair and equitable education for all our children while ending the profit-driven testing policies that harms teachers, students, and schools. Public schools are under attack, that is why we need a new union leadership that will lead the fight back. Each educator experiences the attacks on our profession differently: for some, the testing frenzy has dramatically changed their work lives for the worse. For others, the new evaluation process and life under a weak contract are the main concerns. Many of our members work under horrific and abusive administrators and that reality overshadows everything else. A strong, member-driven union that stands together with our communities is the only way to have the public schools we all deserve. The time is now to revitalize the teachers union here in New York City!

Any member of the UFT can become a member of the caucus by making a minimum annual donation of the reduced amount of $10 because of our current Membership Drive! And for only $20, you will also receive a MORE T-Shirt! Act now while supplies last.

If you would like to make an on-going monthly donation to help sustain MORE’s activities, consider becoming a MORE sustainer.

We also accept the support of community members and parents who are not UFT members.

One thought on “MORE and New Action Propose Joint Slate for UFT Elections

  1. Am I reading this right? Both groups want a more democratic union, but during this meeting nominations for president will only be taken for MORE candidates? Is this a typo?

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