Our 2016 Platform


“Our Working Conditions are Our Students’ Learning Conditions”

With A Membership-Driven Union We Can:

  • Enforce Our Contract and Organize for a Just Contract in 2018
  • Defend Public Education
  • Combat Systemic School Segregation and Racism 
  • Support Opt Out and Oppose Common Core, Danielson Evaluations and High Stakes  Testing
  • Make the UFT a Democratic,Transparent and Accountable Union

MORE-UFT Draft Platform For the UFT 2015-2016 Elections

“Our Working Conditions are Our Students’ Learning Conditions”


Issues on Each Platform Point Raised by UFT Members:

  1. Enforce Our Contract & Organize for a Just Contract in 2018
  • Mobilize members for a stronger contract with higher salaries and immediate payment of retro.
  • Fight for CFE (Campaign for Fiscal Equity Funding) funding to lower class size, provide more books, art materials, and after school programs, and also to improve teachers’ capacities by increasing per session funding and the number of prep periods
  • End the per session pay formula and restore real time and a half for work beyond the school day based on salary.
  • Establish paid maternity and paternity leave on par with international standards.
  • Win due process rights for untenured educators and launch a campaign for due process for all New York City workers. Strengthen whistleblower protections for all educators and make the tenure process shorter, clearer, and fair.
  • Revise the ‘Fair Student Funding’ Formula. The DOE must return to the system in which each school’s budget was charged the same fixed amount per teacher. The current system incentivizes principals to hire inexperienced teachers. We must restore the right of an educator to transfer on the basis of seniority or to further integration.
  • More teacher voice in shaping professional development and equal access to PD opportunities.
  • Take on abusive administrators and allow teacher evaluation of administrators.
  • Expand contract Article 8E so that not only the format of a lesson plan, but the teaching of the lesson is up to the professional discretion of each teacher.
  • Strengthen the grievance procedure by removing the cap that has been placed on the number of arbitration cases permitted annually;  providing a UFT investigative team for each case; and restoring rights that have been bargained away such as the right to grieve any material in our file.
  • Eliminate the designation “ATR” and assign teachers to a school of their choice in their District. Until the ATR designation is abolished, the UFT shall have an ATR chapter with elected representatives.



  1. Defend Public Education


  • Organize with parents to ensure New York City enforces the Contracts for Excellence (C4E) law, passed in 2007, which required NYC’s Department of Education (DOE) to achieve the following numbers: no more than 20 students in K-3 classes, 23 in grades 4-8, 25 in HS.
  • Oppose co-locations, convert charter schools into public schools covered by the contract and end involvement in UFT Charter Schools except as a representative of union members.
  • Fight to end closures and receivership.
  • Hold principals accountable to parents, teachers and students with regular audits and contractually-empowered SLTs.
  • Fully staff schools and provide wrap around services, including more teachers, paraprofessionals, guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, and school counselors with reduced caseloads.



  1. Combat Systemic School Segregation and Racism.


  • Work with the DOE to recruit and retain a teacher workforce that matches the diversity of New York City.
  • Initiate and promote programs to integrate schools and provide equitable allocation of resources such as arts, music, after-school programs, sports, food programs, etc.
  • Win funding for restorative justice coordinators and racial equity teams in every school. These coordinators and teams should work with  safety committees and school leadership teams to come up with school-based safety programs that fit each school.
  • Work for an overhaul of the state standards based on a democratic, grassroots process involving teachers, students, and parents to determine what our communities want students to learn.



  1. Support Opt Out and Oppose Common Core, Danielson Evaluations and High Stakes Testing


  • Support the opt-out movement and oppose high stakes testing which disproportionately harms special ed and ESL students.
  • Initiate a shift to alternative and teacher-generated portfolio/project-based assessments.
  • Educate parents about their rights to oppose testing.
  • End test-based, snapshot evaluations, and outside evaluators.
  • End mayoral (and gubernatorial) control of the schools.



  1. Make the UFT a Democratic,Transparent and Accountable Member Driven Union.


  • Subject all UFT positions to election and recall, including DRs, and put union officers and staff on the member’s pay scale.
  • Build school-level and boro-wide alliances between UFT members, parents, and communities
  • Create a fully staffed internal organizing department to rebuild chapters that are not functioning and improve support of Chapter Leaders
  • Open negotiations. Let the members know what is on the table.
  • Create a sliding scale for union dues based on salary and require dues increases to be voted on at the Delegate’s Assembly.



13 thoughts on “Our 2016 Platform

  1. who is the union contact to report EXTREMELY abusive ATR evaluators. you would not believe what I have heard. Dave

  2. Why aren’t more MORE members, from the UFT, AFT, NEA and AFT delegates? UNITY has become more and more and more divisive since Mulgrew ascended to the throne. Kathy Magee is disgusting and horrific bullying troll. Dick Ianuzzi was at least fair and a gentleman. Do you know that the Unity party SEIZED the room when it came time to vote Ianuzzi vs Magee? Do you know that Unity delegates were LOCKED in a room and FORCED to vote Magee…and put their ballots in UNSEALED “secret ballot” envelopes for the last TWO elections? (Paul Egan checked each and every vote within each envelope for those were in my line) I guess you know that no one can be “elected” to serve as an AFT/NYSUT delegate unless he/she gets a pageful of signatures for the “elite” higher ups in the Unity Party (our signature ballots are not accepted without being stapled to one with signatures for them. Yet these jackalopes NEVER come to our schools unless a big fat crisis of epic proportions occurs and they are trying to put out a conflagration….or unless they’re trying to push an unfair contract or subpar rating system (Danielson) – – or a blatant abuse of our contract such as this horsecrap with the now required unit plans – -is afoot. I know many people who want to be out of Unity but are afraid to leave because they feel like if they are not in the room hearing the UNITY BS..they can’t come back and report to the members what they heard so that when the UNITY folk do come to the school with the horsecrap and their unique spin on it…the members will not be fully informed (or rather forewarned)…too many of our members are sheep. Please work harder to get your MORE membership up and represented more fairly. I swear, once I and many others see that you have a real shot at putting UNITY in its place, will join…. Sorry if I sound like a coward, but….

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