High School Slate for VP and Executive Board

MORE-NEW ACTION slate vote (1)

MORE has a great chance of winning seats on the UFT Executive Board from the High School division.

In the 2013 UFT elections MORE received 1,430 votes from high school teachers, Unity caucus received 1,592, and New Action which was cross-endorsing with Unity received 452 votes. New Action is now running with MORE as a joint slate, Our combined vote totals in 2013 would have resulted in defeating Unity for 7 seats on the Executive Board.

We need your support in order to win. It is time for a new, independent voice in UFT leadership that will offer different views from Mulgrew and his Unity caucus. You can help by distributing our literature, coming to our events, donating to our campaign, and urging people in your school to VOTE MORE/New Action!

Our high school slate is now complete with the addition of Marcus B. McArthur

Marcus Brandon McArthur is a New Jersey native and Brooklyn based writer, educator, and political activist whose work focuses on race, economic inequality, education and cultural politics.  He received his B.A. in History from Morehouse College in Atlanta where he focused on the shared historical plight of African descendants through studies in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, and Brazil.  Marcus received his M.A. in Latin American History from Penn State and M.S. in Special Education from LIU-Brooklyn.  He has published works with the Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Journal and the MORE Caucus blog of the United Federation of Teachers.  He currently teaches English and Social Studies as a Special Education Teacher at City-As School.


Our Complete HS slate:




James Eterno: UFT Delegate and Social Studies Teacher at Middle College High School, Queens. 18 year Chapter Leader at Jamaica High School, UFT Executive Board 1997-2007
Together, we can restore dignity to teaching. Every UFT member should join the fight to repeal horrific state laws that include rating teachers on cookie cutter 1-4 Danielson rubrics and student test scores, presuming teachers are guilty until proven innocent in termination hearings and replacing teachers without any due process in receiver schools.  Mulgrew thinks everything is just fine.



Kuljit Ahluwalia (1)

Kuljit Ahluwalia: Science Teacher at Queens Academy H. S.  Chapter Leader at Canarsie High School, Brooklyn  2003-2009.

As a high school teacher for the last 28 years I have seen the slow erosion of teachers’ rights and a sense of frustration.  As a former teacher at a phase out school I have witnessed how unfairly ATR have been treated.  We need to have a union that will provide equal representation and voice the concerns of all its members.


David Garcia-Rosen: Restorative Dean and Athletic Director Bronx Academy of Letters, Lead Organizer NYCLetEmPlay

Our students and UFT members deserve a union that fights for every school to have equitable access to resources regardless of zip code. For five years the  NYCLetEmPlay students and teachers stood up to fight for civil rights. MORE stood by their side while Mulgrew/UNITY refused to offer any support. On the executive board we will fight for better learning conditions for our students, which  are the working conditions for our members.


Arthur Goldstein: UFT Chapter Leader  and ESL teacher at Francis Lewis High School, Queens.

It’s time for high school teachers to have a voice and I want to give you that voice. Let’s initiate things that work for us and our students rather than counter-productive reformy nonsense. Count on me to represent membership, whether or not I have the approval of leadership..


Ashraya Gupta: UFT Delegate and Chemistry teacher at Harvest Collegiate High School, Manhattan.

We deserve a democratic union, representative of our members. For too long, teacher interests have been cast as oppositional to student interests. But our union should make it clear that our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. Let’s be the union we wish to see.


Jonathan Halabi: UFT Chapter Leader and Math teacher at HS of American Studies at Lehman College, Bronx. UFT Executive Board 2009 – present

Teaching is an honorable career. We help kids learn and grow. Their success is our reward. But not if we are mistreated. Not if our voices are ignored. Not if decisions that affect our schools are made out of incompetence and malice. We are running to ensure all our voices are heard in our union.


Marcus B. McArthur:  Special Education Teacher at City-As School, Manhattan

As UFT members we are privileged to have the opportunity to be at the forefront of a monumental shift towards economic and social justice in America and around the globe.  Through mass mobilization of our membership and our allies, we will steadfastly fight for teacher autonomy, student voice, and economic justice for the 99%.

Mike Schirtzer


Mike Schirtzer: UFT Delegate and Social Studies teacher at Leon M. Goldstein High School, Brooklyn:


“We Need New Leadership!”

Classroom teachers need to have our voices heard. We will bring that to UFT Executive Board. Our current leadership negotiated a poor contract, worse than other city unions. Micromanagement, Danielson, and 1% raises with delayed retro is not what educators deserve. MORE/New Action will not allow that to happen again! Our union must fight against segregated schools and demand equal resources for all children.

3 thoughts on “High School Slate for VP and Executive Board

  1. Unfortunately, with the advantages of incumbency, Unity Caucus will win another election. Stop already with the over-emphasis on justice, civil rights, etc. Sorry, but you will go nowhere with those issues. Yes, Unity has failed the membership over and over, but they are advocates for civil rights as well. You have to concentrate on teacher issues-the complete lack of discipline in far too many schools, supervisors rating teachers who never taught themselves, repeated losses on UFT contracts during the last 10-15 years, why teachers are resigning in record numbers, etc. Why are you so afraid to confront the discipline issue? No matter what your race, religion or nationality, if you don’t behave, you don’t belong in school. NO CHILD HAS THE RIGHT TO DISRUPT ANOTHER CHILD’S EDUCATION.

  2. That equals  nine executive officers and  twenty-six  executive board members — who make up a part of the  one hundred delegates to the AFT state and national conventions!

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