Get Test Scores Out of Teacher Evaluation


more than a score

MORE/New Action Joint Resolution for March 23, 2016

Resolution on Delinking Testing from Evaluation

WHEREAS the US Department of Education’s Race to the Top forced states to adopt teacher evaluation schemes that included the use of student test scores, and

WHEREAS New York State adopted a new teacher evaluation scheme that incorporates student test scores, and

WHEREAS the test score component of a teacher’s evaluation is arbitrary, and varies more school to school than teacher to teacher, and New York State has refused to reveal how the test score component of evaluations are calculated, and in a decade of using such scores (including previous schemes) such schemes have shown no evidence that they can work, and

WHEREAS President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act into law, replacing No Child Left Behind and dropping the requirement that test scores be used in teacher evaluation, and

WHEREAS the New York State Board of Regents voted for a four year moratorium on using Common Core tests as part of teacher evaluation, therefore be it

RESOLVED that UFT opposes the use of test scores to evaluate teachers, and be it further

RESOLVED that UFT and its locals will use traditional media and social media to publicize this stance, and be it further

RESOLVED thatv UFT will communicate this opposition to NYSUT, AFT, and locals across New York State and be it further

RESOLVED that UFT will urge NYSUT to use the period of the four year moratorium to lobby for a change in New York State Education law to remove student test scores from teacher evaluation in New York State.

Note this resolution was raised by New Action at the UFT Executive Board and it was not allowed to be voted on by Mulgrew and his Unity Caucus.


Amendment to Resolution in Opposition to State Receivership 

…and be it further


RESOLVED, that the UFT make repeal of the anti-teacher, anti-union, anti public school Education Transformation Act of 2015 and education law 3012c a main 2016 legislative goal in Albany and plan significant rank and file actions around this objective while urging NYSUT to do the same.

Full text here

4 thoughts on “Get Test Scores Out of Teacher Evaluation

  1. Todd Kamisky is introducing a bill that’s a game changer in public education , the leader of the parent opt out ny state , leader of badass teachers and other leaders against charter schools were in attendence to his announcement today . .
    He’s introducing a law that’s 4 points
    1. Decouples tests to teachers evaluation
    2. Reintroduces the RCT so every student deserves a chance at a high school diploma
    3. End of the receivership schools .
    4. End to common core testing
    This bill will be introduced to ALL law makers either to sign on or not sign on to it .any law maker doesn’t sign I
    On you will know who’s for charter schools and corporate greed .
    Please spread the word and hold your local politician feet to the fire and vote on it .

  2. Test scores do not properly evaluate a teacher nor do they evaluate a student correctly.
    RCT’s are necessary for the student with a disability in one subject. Every student needs a high school diploma. Common Core is not good for students especially in high school ELA.
    All the money and mentors are not helping the schools who are failing. They need smaller classes and more time to get a better graduation rate.
    Toby Marxuach-Gusciora

  3. Eliminate the use of test scores in teacher evaluations by returning to the previous system of evaluation based on observations by administrators and restore the right to grieve unsatisfactory evaluations.

  4. Unfortunately, unsatisfactory evaluations are next to impossible to overturn and are
    often highly subjective and baseless. In the DOE Office of Adult and Continuing Education the observation system is inherently subjective and many good teachers have been getting targeted wth U-ratings that, when the U-ratings are appealed, the U’s are approved of by DOE hearing officers 99% of the time.

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