Speak out! UFT Members (and all workers) Deserve Paid Parental Leave!

Speakout.jpgAre you coming to raise your voice so that those who raise NYC’s children can raise their own?

MORE believes that all city workers deserve fully paid parental leave. Three thousand people have signed a petition demanding that paid parental leave be negotiated immediately without reduction in pay or benefits!
Please sign and share the petition, distribute the paper copy at your workplace, and join us at the speak-out this week –  Thursday, March 31st – 4:30pm – In Front of Tweed Courthouse (52 Chambers St. – click for map).

babies.jpgRecently Mayor De Blasio granted 6 weeks paid maternity leave to 20,000 city employees. Paid parental leave for the people that help raise NYC’s children is long overdue, and needs to be negotiated without the concessions the city unilaterally imposed on the workers it granted the new benefit to.

In addition the Affordable Health Care Act requires insurance companies to cover the cost of breast pumps for all working mothers. The NYC DOE has shirked this legal responsibility and UFT members’ insurance does not cover a breast pump.

We demand PAID PARENTAL LEAVE and BREAST PUMPS, without givebacks or concessions!

What will YOU do?

1. Sign and Share the Petition with your coworkers  – or use the physical petition here.

2. Take Action and Speak-Out! Thursday, March 31st, 4:30 PM in front of Tweed Courthouse


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