Are You Going To Vote?

MORE_NYTeacher_Ad_final (2)

UFT Election Ballots will be sent out May 5th from the American Arbitration Association to your residence.

Above is our ad in this month’s issue of NY Teacher.

Please print out and share in your chapter.

If you would like to host a ballot party in your school or a happy hour please contact us so we can help you get out the vote!

If you or other UFT members have questions feel free to reach out to us or check out our election guide here

Our next and final election general meeting is Saturday April 9th from 12 noon -3:00pm at CUNY Graduate Center Room 5414

Event here


3 thoughts on “Are You Going To Vote?

  1. Your dividing of the vote with the other candidate will ensure a Unity victory. How foolish that this division shall lead to more pedagogue suffering.

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    1. Hey Ed. MORE and Solidarity would never join forces. It just won’t happen. I will be voting MORE. However, I expect the Unity machine to win again due to the arcane rules that allow retired teaches to vote. If anything, I would love to see MORE get a good 1/3 to 1/2 of the total votes this time around. It will be a statement to Unity that the rank and file are sick of their games.

    2. MORE has been around since 2012 and New Action for even longer. They are established caucuses working together in coalition. The upstart Solidarity “caucus” is to blame for splitting the vote.

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