Vote MORE/New Action this May (Megan)

Starting May 5th, look for your UFT election ballot in the mail from the American Arbitration Association. Mark the box for the MORE/New Action slate and mail it back before May 25th to cast a vote for an active, member-driven union willing to stand up for the schools NYC deserves.

One thought on “Vote MORE/New Action this May (Megan)

  1. Unfortunately, you’ll be splitting the vote with Solidarity and as usual, Unity Caucus will coast to victory. Instead of joining with the other group, you decided to go alone and this will cause you and Solidarity the election. Did you report that the UFT received a subpoena regarding the burgeoning scandal in the city government? Have you spoken about the weakening of suspensions and the resulting chaos this will inevitably bring to the broken system? Did you enumerate the failures of Unity, especially in the disastrous 2005 contract? Have you set up phone banks? Did you do an outreach to non-classroom personnel- school secretaries and guidance counselors, both of whom consistenly vote for Unity along with the elementary school teachers? As a result, 3 more miserable years of Unity Leadership with working conditions continuing to worsen. The other group will not support Hillary Clinton and instead will go for Bernie Sanders, the self-deprecating Jewish man. How do you feel about this? You’re handing the election to Unity. Wake up and try again in 3 years.

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