MORE/New Action Wins the UFT HS Executive Board


The Movement of Rank and File Educators is thrilled to announce that in the 2016 UFT elections our candidates swept the seven high school teacher seats on the union’s Executive Board. Running as part of a joint slate with New Action/UFT, we increased our vote totals in every division of the UFT. More/New Action’s presidential candidate received 10,743 votes, roughly doubling MORE’s presidential vote totals from three years ago.
When we decided to run in the 2016 UFT elections MORE set itself three goals: 1. To win the high schools, 2. To increase our votes in other divisions, 3. To increase the overall vote totals. It appears that our efforts have been successful. While our share of the votes by division did not increase, our absolute numbers rose substantially. This is a credit to all MORE and New Action members who tirelessly distributed campaign literature and got out the vote within their own schools. Credit is also due to the UFT itself. The union sent repeated emails and text messages to members urging them to vote. That the share of active members who voted rose from 18% in 2013 to 24% in 2016 is a good sign for all of us.
In the days to come MORE will publish more detailed election reports. And we look forward to building on our success in the coming years.

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