We Need Your Feedback on UFT Elections and MORE



Dear Colleagues, Friends and Fellow MORE/UFT Members,

First of all, THANK YOU for inspiring so much hope in this UFT election. It’s been one of the most intense and amazing experiences, and I’m incredibly proud to stand with so many principled folks.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey so we can get your feedback on the election and how to move forward.
Join us this Saturday at CUNY Graduate Center 12-3pm 365 5th Ave at 34th st. -Midtown NYC
After the 2013 election, we did a similar reflection and analysis of the numbers and then set some goals. It’s really empowering to see we’ve met a number of the goals we set!
  • Increase Weekly Update membership from 507 to 3000 by Fall 2016
  • Increase dues paying/voting members from 100 to 300 by Fall 2016
  • Increase focus on school and district (geographically based) organizing.
  • By Fall 2016, Increase # of Chapter Leaders and Delegates connected to MORE from 80 to 200
  • Hold trainings for Chapter Leaders/Delegate elections, contract, and general election in each borough by Fall 2014 (CL/delegate and contract) and Fall 2015 (city-wide elections)
  • Have at least 1 contact in 50% of schools by 2016
  • Complete internal mapping project by fall 2014, having database running and operational. Use strategically to target outreach, for distribution and tasking/1:1 organizing
  • Run a well organized  campaign and democratically chosen slate in 2016
  • Increase voter turnout in city-wide UFT elections from 18% to 35%
  • Win High School Executive Board seats in 2016 and increase total votes in all other categories.
It’s time to think about what our goals, including some of the same above, we could set for the upcoming year for ourselves.
If you would like, please check out our Platform 2016 to get a sense of the scope of our vision and values.
Make sure you fill out the survey (click here)  and if you can not make this meeting, but have thoughts to share please feel free to respond to this email more@morecaucusnyc.org
Looking forward to hearing from you!
In Solidarity,
Jia Lee
UFT Chapter Leader – The Earth School

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