MORE’s Annual Summer Series! Open to UFT Chapter Leaders and All Members.



Interactive workshops led by long time chapter leaders and UFT activists

Bring your questions, issues, and share your success stories

Wednesdays: July 6, August 3 and August 31st

Dark Horse Pub
17 Murray St
Downtown NYC, near City Hall
Happy Hour Drink Specials Too!
July 6- Building Strong Union Chapters
Come learn strategies for building strong UFT chapters, identifying leadership in your school, mapping your building, organizing with parents and students, building the opt-out movement, and fostering member engagement in the UFT.
August 3rd- Understanding the DOE and UFT Power Structure
This session will focus on understanding the UFT/DOE power structure- mayoral control, the panel for educational policy, the UFT structure, the executive board and delegate assembly.  We will also explore how privatization impacts the DOE, with a particular focus on the push to bring more charter schools to NYC.
August 31st -Enforcing the UFT Contract
This session will deal with the “nuts and bolts” of organizing in your school and enforcing the contract, including representing members in disciplinary cases, filing grievances that can win, organizing an effective consultation committee, and dealing with difficult supervisors.

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