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Come to Tuesday’s summer series to prepare!

organize-fish.pngJoin MORE organizers for a discussion of how you unify your coworkers to defend your working conditions and your students’ learning conditions

Tuesday, August 30
3pm to 6pm
Dark Horse Bar
17 Murray St.
This session will deal with the “nuts and bolts” of organizing in your school and enforcing the contract, including representing members in disciplinary cases, filing grievances that can win, organizing an effective consultation committee, and dealing with difficult supervisors.

Childcare available on request – email


Save the Date: Back to School Party – Friday, September 9th!
Start the school year off right by re-connecting with your union sisters and brothers and sharing BBQ and beverages at our annual Back-to-School bash!
Bring your family, and if you can, bring a donation–side dishes, drinks, and $$ are all welcome contributions.! RSVP Here

Letter to the American Educator re AFT President Randy Weingarten’s “Honoring Our Past and Inspiring Our Future

by Sean Ahern
Delegate to the UFT Delegate Assembly. Member of the MORE caucus.


AFT President Randi Weingarten

President Randy Weingarten’s “Honoring Our Past and Inspiring Our Future,” written on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the AFT is an exercise in “perception management.” Weingarten claims that she has “pored over historical documents from our archives” and concluded that the AFT “has been a vehicle to fight for positive change both in public schools and in society.” Further on she states her case even more explicitly: “For 100 years, the AFT has worked to build power and use it for good.”

As a member of the UFT for the past 17 years, son of a UFT retiree, brother to a former UFT teacher and CSA principal, product of the NYC public school system (1959-1971) and father of three, all of whom graduated from NYC high schools, I proudly count myself as a witness to the last 50 years of UFT/AFT history. Based on my experience and knowledge I challenge her very one-sided findings for failing to point out major examples of how the AFT has been a hindrance to “positive change both in public schools and in society.”

I do not write to honor Albert Shanker and those who followed the course he took. It is my hope that through a full review of our AFT history, rational and thoughtful working people, acting in their own class interests, will conduct an internal critique, identify the wrong turns, and bravely set a new course for our union. It is my hope that current and future generations will overcome the seemingly willful blindness that is found in Weingarten’s article.

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