UFT Leadership Tables Resolution Against Abusive Adminsitrators


Mike Schirtzer raised the resolution on behalf of MORE/New Action.

Leroy Barr spoke against it on behalf of Unity Caucus.

Voted  to table by Executive Board. All Unity members voted to table. All MORE/NA voted against tabling resolution.

Notes (minutes) from meeting to follow tomorrow.

Resolution to Use School Survey to Identify and Remove Abusive Administrators

Whereas, UFT members in many chapters are working in fear because of abusive administrators; and


Whereas, too many UFT members are being given unfair adverse ratings by autocratic supervisors; and


Whereas, many administrators have very little experience in the classroom and are provided with a blue-print by superintendents and Department of Education lawyers to remove veteran and new teachers; and


Whereas, our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions so when a UFT member is being unfairly treated it has a direct negative impact on students’ learning environment; and


Whereas teachers have a limited opportunity to anonymously express their concerns about principals through the New York City School Survey Report, including whether “I feel respected by the principal at this school” and “I trust the principal/school leader at his/her word” and “The principal at this school is an effective manager”;


Resolved, that the UFT will publish the name of any school administrator in email updates, social media, the print and online versions of the New York Teacher and a press release the names of any administrator who receive less than a 50% favorable rating on the NYC School Survey Report from UFT members or when there is a chapter vote of no confidence in that administrator; and be it further

Resolved, that the UFT will use any means available to pressure the Department of Education to remove from a school any administrator who receives two years of unfavorable ratings from their staff.

8 thoughts on “UFT Leadership Tables Resolution Against Abusive Adminsitrators

  1. This has been a chronic problem and why are we not united in this action? We have so many casualties due to abusive inquisition and not supportive supervision.

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