Protect Our Students and Educators- Sign On Now!


In May 2016, a resolution was brought to the UFT Delegate Assembly by TeachDream that called for an Immigrant Liaison in every school to advocate for our students and advise them of their rights. That resolution passed, but no concrete action has come from it. MORE High School Executive Board members have raised this issue and we still have not been given any assurance this resolution is being moved forward with the DOE. Add your name to the ranks of other NYC educators who support MORE-UFT´s letter to UFT President Mulgrew and DOE Chancellor Carmen Fariña stating that New York City’s public school teachers can and should play a critical role in educating, organizing, and mobilizing its members to fight for those in our communities who are most at risk in the current political climate.
Please sign on and have members from your chapter do so ASAP.

At the first UFT Executive Board meeting of the school year MORE’s newly elected representatives to the board brought forth a resolution calling for aggressive actions against abusive administrators. The UFT leadership of Unity Caucus tabled the resolution, but agreed to meet with our representatives to “work together” to address our members that are under attack. After two meetings with Unity, one that included rank and file members that are fighting these terrible administrators, they would not agree to work with us on any of our requests. We asked at a minimum that UFT publish the names of abusive administrators in our union newspaper and social media, they even refused to do that. A report written by our own James Eterno titled “Multiple Principals from Hell”  has been read thousands of times and spread through-out the schools.

MORE will bring resolutions to the January UFT Delegate Assembly demanding the UFT do more to protect our members under attack from abusive administrators and immediately place Immigrant Liaisons in every school. We ask that all our chapter leaders and delegates attend the January 18th DA. All rank and file members are welcome to attend and view the proceedings from the 19th floor at 52 Broadway NYC and the post DA happy hour at Blarney Stone 11 Trinity Place (one block west of UFT HQ)

At the UFT Executive Board MORE/New Action raised a resolution urging the UFT to “vigorously enforce existing contractual class size regulations.” This too was voted down by leadership. Please read UFT Executive Board and Chapter Leader Arthur Goldstein’s article published in the Daily News on oversized classes in our public schools.

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