Protect Immigrant Students Day of Action-Feb. 28th



New York State Youth Leadership Council (an undocumented-youth led organization fighting for immigrant rights) and members of MORE, Teachdream, and NYCORE have been discussing how we will bring our letter to Chancellor Farina. We are:

• calling for an immigrant liaison in every school, 

• asking the DOE to declare all schools as safe zones where student and employee data is secure, 

• asking the DOE  to build a web-page and hotline to support immigrant students, and consolidate curriculum developed by teachers that embraces our values as a multicultural and multilingual community,

• calling on Mayor DeBlasio and DOE, to support the New York Dream Act and actively lobby the state senate, assembly and Governor Cuomo to pass this bill.


The UFT passed a resolution on May 26, 2016, stating that the union would ask the Department of Education to require that each school with immigrant students appoint an ‘Immigration Advisor’. MORE’s UFT Executive Board members inquired as to the status of this resolution and UFT leadership responded that they have recently brought this up to DOE representatives and those officials were “intrigued.”


We are organizing teachers and students to appear at the February 28th Public Education Panel (PEP) with Chancellor Farina, who is the daughter of immigrants and has sent emails to DOE employees indicating she is a strong supporter of immigrant rights. This PEP is taking place at a member of the International High Schools network – a group of schools that serve almost entirely immigrant students.


Students, teachers, and parents will bring our proposals to Chancellor Farina and panel in hope that they will take immediate action. We believe the mayor, chancellor and PEP panel members share our vision and will support our proposals.


We are also planning a day of action on February 28th. You and your students can participate in your respective schools to support these proposals by wearing shirts with a supportive message, distributing fliers, sharing social media messages, lesson plans, and/or other actions. Follow our Facebook event for more info


Contact us here if you’re interested in joining us on our day of action on February 28th and would like to bring yourself or students to the PEP at Prospect Heights High School campus 883 Classon Ave, Brooklyn NY at 6:00pm.

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