Immigrant Students and Community Call on Fariña to Protect Them Now!

Education Not Deportation

Educators and Students Ask Chancellor Fariña to Take Immediate Action!




New York City’s public school students, parents, educators, and supporters are requesting that Chancellor Carmen Fariña take immediate action to protect them from anti-immigrant actions by the federal government at the February 28th Panel for Education Policy at the Prospect Heights Educational Campus.


An estimated 345,000 public school students are the children of undocumented immigrants, according to the Fiscal Policy Institute. Students are approaching their teachers and counselors  overwhelmed with the fear of being deported or having family members deported.


Chancellor Fariña is the daughter of immigrants and has actively advocated around the issues facing students and families who have come to our shores in pursuit of the American dream throughout her career. She reiterated after the November election, “The outcome of the Presidential election has left many youth and adult members of our community feeling confused or anxious. Undocumented immigrants and their families, LGBTQ students and staff, Muslims, people of color, and members of other religious, racial, or ethnic groups may be feeling particularly vulnerable during this time. In recent days Ms. Fariña has issued a letter school communities informing them of their rights and how to obtain legal help. While we applaud this first step, the Chancellor, the PEP and the Mayor must do more; the time to stand with immigrant New Yorkers is now!


Community members will join with the United Federation of Teachers’ request for the creation of an immigrant liaison position in every school to advise students of their rights, direct them to agencies for assistance and coordinate services in case of deportation proceedings. Also, they will join calls for a webpage on the DOE website with resources regarding immigration rights, with clear and transparent protocols for what schools can do to support and protect those who are undocumented. They will ask the Chancellor to issue a public policy that schools are safe-zones and ICE agents must secure permission before ever entering a school building.

In addition, educators will call for a curriculum that reflects the diversity of our student body and embraces our values as a multicultural and multilingual community.


Another request will be that the Chancellor do everything in her power to urge the state government to pass the New York Dream Act. Community members will ask the Chancellor and PEP to call for an end to the practice of arresting New Yorkers for minor violations and zero tolerance policies in our schools that can put our students in jeopardy of deportation. When federal policies are creating a horrific climate of fear and xenophobia, local governments have power to protect our students and their families.


On February 28th students, teachers and community members, will be available for comment at 5:00pm Dr. Ronald McNair Park across from Prospect Heights Educational Campus, Brooklyn New York.


Supporting organizations include:




Teachers Unite

New York State Youth Leadership Council



New Action-UFT

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