What is your chapter doing to defend Immigrant and Labor rights on May Day?

May Day is a national day of protest for immigrant and labor rights, dating back to the mass 2006 demonstrations to defend immigrants against the Republican congress and over a century of labor mobilization for International Workers Day.
This year, teachers and other workers in Seattle will be engaging in strike action, and mass demonstrations are planned all around the country.
In NYC, please meet MORE at the demonstrations at 4pm at the NW Corner of Union Square or, at Foley Square at 5pm at the corner of Duane and Lafayette st. Look for the MORE banner!

Today, May Day will be even more urgent as the Trump administration accelerates its deportation machinery, and prepares assaults on union rights.
Here are 10 simple things that you can do in your school chapter on Monday, May 1st.
A Day of Action Toolkit – Ten things you and your coworkers can do to celebrate May Day
  1. Ask your colleagues to all wear red in solidarity. Wear stickers celebrating labor and immigrant rights [Here are stickers for Avery 5163 labels]
  2. Take photos of your chapter together and post on social media with the hashtag #MayDay – check out examples here.
  3. Ask local immigrant rights organizations in your neighborhood to come and speak to students, parents and staff. Hold an immigrants and labor rights teach-in. Make the Road NY, Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant RightsICE Free NY, and New York Immigration Coalition, to name just a few.
  4. Involve the Parent Association in your activities – ask what support immigrant families need, how they can be involved in showing solidarity 
  5. Ask teachers to plan lessons around labor and immigrant rights themes. See the TeachDream toolkit here.
  6. Email Chancellor Fariña to support the UFT demand for for a immigrant liaison in every school to help students and families with immigration issues. 
  7. Gather a group to join UFT members from around the city at the NW corner of Union Square at 4pm – look for the MORE, NYCoRE and Teach Dream banners. We will be then marching to the labor-endorsed rally at Foley Square, which begins at 5pm. Meet us there at the corner of Duane and Lafayette! Feminist contingents who organized the International Women’s Strike on March 8 will also be participating and connecting women’s with immigrant and labor issues.
  8. Involve neighboring schools! If you need help connecting to schools in your building or neighborhood – email us to find out who nearby is involved
  9. Organize a field trip of students (with administrative approval, of course) to the daytime immigrant rights events at 12 in Union Square. 
  10. Hold a picket / demonstration for Labor and Immigrant Rights at the beginning of the school day. Show your teachers’ unity by all walking into work simultaneously. 



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