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Abusive administrator Monika Garg has been removed as Principal of progressive Harlem elementary school CPE1 and UFT Chapter Leader Marylin Martinez and Delegate Caitlin Preston have both been fully exonerated of the retaliatory charges that Garg initiated to remove them to the school!

This victory is the product of an eighteen-month struggle led by parents who occupied the school, took their children out of school in a family strike, and hounded Mayor DiBlasio at events. CPE1 teachers, supported by MORE representatives, repeatedly pressed the leadership at the UFT executive board for action.

Read coverage in on the blog of MORE Executive Board representative Arthur Goldstein, the New York Times, and EducationNotes Online.

Chapter Leader Marilyn Martinez will be speaking at MORE’s forum this Saturday at 3:30 PM – See details below… Please print this flyer to distribute to your staff today!

The Demise of Unions?
A bottom-up vision for reviving the labor movement
Location: CUNY Graduate Center (5th and 34th) Room 5414 (Bring ID)
Date: Saturday, May 20
Time: 3:30 to 6:00, with socializing to follow.

Throughout the school year, MORE has been doing important work on the UFT Executive Board, in the Delegate Assembly, and in the schools, advocating for our union to defend immigrant students in the era of Trump.

One concrete result was the UFT passing a resolution affirming support for immigrant students, committing the union to “mobilize its members in support of our immigrant and Muslim students, members and families in conjunction with our public school proud campaign.”

A day of action in February pressured the PEP, Chancellor Fariña, and Mayor DiBlasio to be clear that immigration authorities would be blocked from entering schools without a warrant, and also pushed on the demand for immigrant liaison in every school with immigrant students. The UFT has been advocating, as a result of MORE’s pressure, that the DOE create this position, which would be a staff member trained to welcome immigrant families in schools, support those families, and help them advocate for their rights.

Another result was the organizing of a UFT immigration forum this Monday, moderated by Juan Gonzalez and featuring a number of prominent speakers, including representatives of the Mayor’s office and our national AFT president, Randi Weingarten. Continue Reading…


Minutes from the meeting by Arthur Goldstein here

UFT Ex Bd: UFT members, parents and students demand removal of Interim Acting Principal Michael Weinstein High School of Applied Communication

By Norm Scott

Hey, CSA, here’s another slug for you to defend.

Last night’s Ex Bd meeting brought out another batch of teachers from a school under assault by an abusive – and incompetent – and creepy – principal. In the pre-meeting we heard tales of sexual harassment and misogyny, a gift trip to Disney World for certain teachers, in addition to the list of grievances below. Some of them have been at the school since its founding a dozen years ago. Both previous principals had been excellent. To put a monster like Weinstein into this school is criminal. But the Supt is Elaine Lindsey, the very same who installed Rosemary Jahoda into Townsend Harris HS.

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MORE Joins the Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) as they call on City Hall and the NYC Department of Education to give schools the training, curriculum and supports they need to give all children knowledge and pride in their culture and heritage, and create safe havens from racism, xenophobia and other oppressions.
 "Coalition for Educational Justice""Coalition for Educational Justice"

This past week Principal Garg has issued “limited access letters” to two parents who have vocally opposed her, trying to shut down parent voice. Please click on the link to sign the petition and read the story. Spread the word and help us overturn this decision.


"Principal Garg has issued "limited access letters" to two parents who have vocally opposed her, trying to shut down parent voice"