President of PR Teachers Union in NYC, Ex Bd and MORE Party

Please join FMPR President Mercedes Martinez in conversation with MORE. Pres. Martinez will discuss the issues facing the island, with a focus on the attack against public education and labor unions. Puerto Rico is having austerity forced upon them by the US government with mass school closures, lay-offs, and new anti-union, anti-student policies.
Dark Horse Pub
17 Murray St
Downtown NYC near City Hall
There is a UFT Delegates Assembly from 4-6pm. Delegates and Chapter leaders can walk over with the MORE contingent immediately following the DA. Others are welcome to go directly to Dark Horse pub for dinner and/or drinks. Discussion will begin at 6:30pm
Meet downstairs.
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The UFT’s final Executive Board meeting will be this Monday June 5th. Join our MORE High School representatives 5pm for our pre-meeting and 6pm board meeting at 52 Broadway NYC
read our last report here

Our End Of Year Party is also downstairs at Dark Horse Pub and promises to be a great event!
All year we’ve been fighting for better working and learning conditions and a more democratic union. We have supported the Opt-Out Movement and fought against the Charters. We won the High School Executive Board seats, organized forums, attended PEPs, and marched at rallies. And we were honored to work with CPE1 in their momentous struggle to save their school and are joyful in their victory.

So please party with MORE on June 22!  There will be singing, raffles, a silent auction, food for sale and a cash bar.
Share this invite widely with your entire community
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One thought on “President of PR Teachers Union in NYC, Ex Bd and MORE Party

  1.                                    What do you say to the UFT participating in the parade with the FALN terrorist being honored? Most disgraceful. I eagerly await for your comments on RODS-RESTORATION OF DISCIPLINE IN SCHOOLS. The latter is what MORE should be concentrating on. Instead, you look to outside issues which alienate the general membership and lead to one disaster after another at UFT election time.                                    Hope you are marching in the Israel Parade on Sunday. I hope that the progressive left within your group doesn’t harbor anti-Israel feelings. If they do, you shall receive little support.

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