MORE’s FIFTH Annual Summer Series!

Please join us to… Discuss, Debate, and Organize!
WHEN:   Wednesdays this summer; 3pm-6pm
WHERE:  [NOTE NEW LOCATION!] CUNY Graduate Center, 365 5th Ave., Room 5414 (6 to 33rd or any train to Herald Square – Bring ID)


School Solidarity With Diverse Communities 

August 9th

How does a UFT chapter organize solidarity with the different communities that we serve? What is the role of social justice in building a strong union. Hear from different UFT chapters about how they organized solidarity with immigrant students, participated in the national women’s march and the 100 days of organizing afterwards, and worked to support LGBT students and community members.

Secrets of a Successful Organizer  
August 23rd

Are you facing issues at your school? This workshop will include Labor Notes’ new Secrets of a Successful Organizer training track for how to beat apathy, identifying leaders and mapping your workplace and turning an issue into a campaign.

One thought on “MORE’s FIFTH Annual Summer Series!

  1. Why are we not organizing to protest the plan to forcibly place ATRs in schools which are hard to staff, where we are not wanted, and often where principals will give us developing or ineffective ratings in order to avoid having to pay our salaries? I would like to work on this with ATRs and other teachers.

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