Executive Board and Delegate Assemblies for 2017-18 School year


The Delegate Assembly (DA), Executive Board and chapter leader meeting dates are listed below.

This promises to be an important year for our union, from the Supreme Court case and federal legislation meant to defund and break unions, to the vote on state constitutional convention which aims to reduce or even get rid of our retirement and contractual protections, to the new evaluation system, over-sized classes, expansion of vouchers and charters, abusive administrators, the list goes on and on, and your involvement is more important than ever!

The DAs and Chapter Leader meeting is one Wednesday a month 4:15pm at UFT Headquarters 52 Broadway New York City.

The Executive Board Meets two Mondays a month 6:00pm at UFT headquarters.

The MORE/New Action elected representatives to the Executive Board hold their pre-meetings at 5:00pm in the public space in the back of the lobby of 52 Broadway NYC. These meetings are open to all MORE/NA members.

If your chapter has an issue that you need the UFT to address and/or your chapter wants to present a resolution to steer the unions’ policies/actions please bring to our Executive Board’s pre-meeting. Any chapter may do this, you need not be a MORE/NA member.

Any UFT member may speak at the open mic at 6:00pm at Executive Board to bring an issue to the board. You must call Manhattan UFT to schedule yourself. Any UFT member may visit the DA or Executive Board as a non-voting observer.

Resolutions need 5 signatures of board members to be brought before the Executive Board. MORE/NA has 7 seats on the Executive Board.

Chapter leaders and Delegates may vote at DA’s. This Spring is the Chapter Leader and Delegate elections at every chapter (school). If you’re interested in running and need any help please reach out to us at more@morecaucusnyc.org.

Citywide Chapter Leaders Meeting

September 27

Executive Board 
(Mondays- 6:00 P.M.)

11, 25

16, 30

6, 20

4, 18

January 2018
8, 22

12, 26

19, 26

9, 23

7, 21

4, 18

Delegate Assemblies  

(Wednesdays – 4:15 P.M.-6:00 P.M.)
October 18
November 8
December 6
January 17
February 7

March 21
April 18

May 16
June 13

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