MORE Rally for Paid Family Leave!

 UFT is currently in negotiations to get Paid Parental Leave for UFT members. We are so glad that this important right is one that our Union is fighting for, and we want to make sure that our members get the best deal possible.

We also want to make sure our Union doesn’t give back any of our hard won benefits without a fight, we want our colleagues the Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists (PTs and OTs) to get the same coverage as teachers, and we want full, paid, family leave, so that we can take time to care for other members of our families, as well as our children.

 We are holding a Rally for Paid Family Leave on Wednesday, January 31, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. We will meet in front of the UFT offices in Manhattan at 52 Broadway, and march together to City Hall, at 52 Chambers St. We are reminding our Union leadership that we deserve the best deal possible, and then reminding our city government that they should be ashamed of how they are treating their teachers.
We hope you can join us to rally and march, and we need your help!
Here are three things you can do to help us:

1. Talk to your co-workers about this fight, and ask them to join you at the rally! Tell them about it at your next UFT Chapter Meeting.  You can use these flyers to spread the word as well!  They can RSVP at
2. Hold a sign-making party at your school! We need signs to hold at the rally, and you can bring your own. Invite co-workers to make signs with you at lunch, and do it in a place where other people might join in and ask about the issue. If you’re able, buy a pizza to share!
3. Come prepared to share a story about how the current leave status has effected you. Did you have to use CAR days to care for a new baby and take forever to pay them back? Did you have to take unpaid days to care for an aging parent or sick sibling or partner? We will tell these stories in front of City Hall, and make sure the city knows exactly how bad the situation is for teachers.
Finally, if you can’t make it to the rally, send friends and coworkers, give them signs to bring and email me your story to tell if you can’t be there to tell it yourself.

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