MORE says vote “NO” on the new contract

Print and distribute copies of our contract response flyer for your workplace!

Summaries of our 3 main concerns and our 6 contract priorities are below.

MORE-UFT will be holding a Contract Conference on Saturday 10/27. Details for that are below too.



Let’s start organizing for the schools NYC deserves!

Here are three reasons to demand a better contract:

  1. Pay: the raises average 2.09% at a time when inflation is 2.2%. This is a pay cut! And the paltry “raises” are paid for by givebacks that create a two-tier health care plan for the first time.
  2. Conditions: There are no significant gains on any of the issues of concern to working members such as class size or abusive administrators.
  3. Solidarity: In the post-Janus world, we must inspire new members to join us. The UFT did not mobilize or organize us or build a sense of solidarity in a fight for a good contract. This deal will not inspire newer teachers to join the union.

The new UFT-DOE contract only continues our 50-year wait for lower class sizes, a fair grievance procedure, and a rational job security process, among other issues. While the UFT should be applauded for negotiating some improvements in the number of observations, the overall agreement is yet another ed-reformer empty promise to put “students first” at the expense of UFT members.

Besides, let’s not imitate Congress and vote on something we haven’t even been given the time to read!



Contract Conference – Sat. 10/27 – 1pm-4pm

Organize for:

  1. Fair raises. A raise that doesn’t even match inflation is a pay cut.
  2. No healthcare givebacks. Not all health plans are created equal, and forcing new teachers onto a more restrictive insurance plan will only make attrition worse.
  3. Lower class sizes. If the city can subsidize luxury high-rises, then it can pay to build more classrooms and schools. We’ve waited 50 years!
  4. Paid family leave. Parental leave was a long-deserved victory; it’s time we give the same consideration to our fellow educators caring for an ailing family member.
  5. Increasing teacher diversity. Our students need to see themselves reflected in the adults they see at school, and the city needs to build a system to support this.
  6. Administrator improvement plans. Abusing teachers, staff, and students should result in consequences, not promotions.

Join the Movement of Rank-and-file Educators at our Contract Forum as we fight for the contract UFT members deserve:

WHEN: October 27, 2018, 1pm-4pm.

WHERE: James Baldwin High School, 351 W 18th St.

We’ll have trainings on how to organize with your coworkers, make your voices heard, and win the victories that NYC students and our members deserve.

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