Do Black Lives Matter in your School?

The Black Lives Matter at Schools Week of Action is a national movement to recognize the role of systemic racism in the school system and take action, inside and outside the classroom, to educate and uplift the 13 guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Week of Action will take place from February 3rd – 7th, 2020 but preparations are beginning now!

You can get the tools you and your colleagues need to participate by joining the BLM at Schools Curriculum Fair on Saturday December 7, 2019, from 10:00am to 2:30pm at The Earth School (600 East 6th Street)

The event will include an opportunity to connect with classroom and community educators, grade-level teach-ins to experience lessons and activities that can be used with students and an unconference to discuss topics of interest to your work.

See this registration link for more details!

Also, it’s time to pick up your apparel for this year’s week of action! Make sure everyone at your school buys a Tshirt or hoodie to support! Go to to pick up the official  Black Lives Matter at NYC Schools 2020 gear, designed by 8th grader Shanelly Blanco from M.S. 50!

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