Get involved -Zoom Organizing Calls this week

We know last week was exhausting and stressful, and we recognize the monumental effort folks have put in, and will have to put in this coming week, despite obstacles and DOE mandates. We hope that you and your family members have been safe and healthy and that you have been taking time for self-care.

A surge of educator activists have stepped forward and said that they want to help to organize a rank-and-file, worker-led response to this crisis. Coming out of our successful organizing last week which helped build momentum to shut down the school system and protect students and families, we are organizing a series of conference calls to connect people locally and around particular interest areas/issues.

Please pick an area where you think you can help and join in! 

  • We need strong rank and file organizations to help defend our schools and push our union. Join the Movement of Rank and File Educators today.
  • Do you have a story to tell? MORE is looking for educator voices for its website – please let us know if you would be willing to tell your story of organizing in your school community around the virus and its impact on teachers, staff, students and families. 
  • Our general MORE meeting will be held on Saturday, April 4th at noon. – Please RSVP here to get the videoconference link.
Geographic Area Calls
Queens – Thursday, 3/26 3pm
Lower Manhattan + Sub issues – Wednesday 3/25 5pm
Upper Manhattan – Tuesday, 3/24 6pm
Bronx – Monday, 3/23 6:30pm
Brooklyn – Thursday 3/26 5pm
Interest Areas
→Working Conditions for Remote Learning (including CAR days) – Tuesday, 3/24 5pm
→Special Education Issues – Thursday, 3/26 5pm
→Restorative Justice & Healing Practices During Remote Learning + Beyond – Friday 3/27 5pm
→Solidarity with non-pedagogue school workers (paras, custodial staff, school aides, secretaries, etc.) – Wednesday, 3/25 5pm 
→ From coping to connectivity: using Covid19 as an opportunity for schools to address gaps in communication style, language and modalities with students and families‘ – Friday 3/27 – 6pm

Don’t see a topic listed above that should be represented and needs addressing? Fill out this form to connect with ongoing organizing, especially if you can help organize a conference call of folks in your local neighborhood or school community.

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