MORE Daily Bulletin #2

UFT members protesting outside the Taft campus during their walkout.
  • MORE members throughout the school system are gathering signatures on our petition to start the year remotely.
  • UFT members at the Grace Dodge campus in the Bronx are picketing for thirty minutes each day this week.
  • Fellow union members at Taft campus in District 9 walked out of their school yesterday to protest unsafe conditions.
  • Members at another campus in district 10 have signed an open letter to the superintendent and Chancellor demanding immediate action on safety violations in their building.
  • The UFT chapter in one school in southern Brooklyn is voting on an alternative schedule to allow members more free time and safer conditions. The chapter is confident that if approved the new schedule will be implemented.
  • Picketing continues outside some district one schools.
  • MORE members are preparing for a city-wide day of action on September 14! Please let us know what your school is doing by completing our survey or emailing
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