MORE daily bulletin #3, September 10, 2020

Luperon phone zap jpeg

UFT members at Gregorio Luperon High School engaging in a “phone zap.”

  • MORE members around the city are continuing to gather signatures on the petition to demand a full remote start of the school year
  • UFT members at PS 352 in the Bronx coordinated their refusal to enter their buildings because they were unsafe. The inspection report is incomplete and members were not provided with PPE. Nor has the Department of Education provided clear guidance on how to serve vulnerable students who require special care.
  • UFT members at Pace High School in Manhattan issued a letter demanding remote PD
  • Members at Gregorio Luperon High School held a “phone zap.” Twenty-five members of the UFT chapter met during their lunch hour and made calls to Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo and UFT President Michael Mulgrew to advocate for the closure of school buildings.  They made them aware that the building lacks a school nurse and adequate ventilation for 9 classrooms and offices.
  • Members at a high school in lower Manhattan have begun to call in sick.
  • MORE members throughout the city are planning a unified day of action on Monday September 14. To find out how you can get involved contact us at
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