Questions for the UFT Delegate Assembly

The UFT Delegate Assembly meets Wednesday, October 14th at 4:15pm. The fifteen-minute question period is one of the few opportunities for rank-and-filers to get answers from union leaders. Here are some questions that we encourage delegates and chapter leaders to ask.

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So many questions… so little time…
  • Internet Access: How can we help students who don’t have adequate internet access? Can we call for municipal WiFi that gives free high speed access to all school aged children, teachers and schools?
  • Ventilation: How can classrooms with open windows as the only ventilation will manage on cold days where the heat isn’t sufficient?
  • Evaluations: Michael, when you’ve been asked before about things like MoSLs, spring break retro pay, and teacher evaluation, you’ve said that your team is working on these things but they are not the priority right now.  Many union members have been upset by some of the agreements that have been made through closed negotiations without the input of members.  Recognizing the extraordinary challenges of teaching this year, how can we be sure that input from teachers on the ground, in all types of different situations, is included before any agreement is reached regarding teacher evaluations for 2020-21?
  • Student Privacy: Are all NYC vendors in compliance with the NYS student data privacy law that just went into effect Oct. 1? The law banning the sale and commercialization of student data requires a student privacy page listing ALL the vendors/contractors & other third parties with access to personal student data.
  • Retroactive Pay: Given the last minute retro debacle of last week, will you and the rest of the leadership commit to no further contracts recommended to the DA or membership that contain the retro mechanism?
  • Black Lives Matter: Later in this delegate assembly, there is a proposal to take concrete steps to support the Black Lives Matter week of action. Do you support our union taking concrete steps to affirm that Black Lives Matter? If so, what actions do you support?
  • Defund the NYPD: As the city is facing one of the largest deficits in decades, the Mayor has already made clear his commitment to a regime of austerity and budget cuts, as we saw with the last minute yanking of retro pay. The NYPD overtime budget alone is approximately equal to $7500 for each teacher in NYC. Some of my colleagues and I are mobilizing for the mass march on Saturday ( to defund the NYPD, tax the rich and stop the layoff threats. When will our union join community leaders and families in demanding defunding the NYPD to pay for social services and education?

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