Fill out our NYC Schools Staff Fall 2020 Survey!

If the UFT and DOE won’t collect information and experiences of NYC educators, then we’ll have to do it! The MORE-UFT Movement of Rank-and-File Educators is collecting information from educators and NYC DOE staff about how NYC schools reopening has been this fall 2020. We plan to share the information gathered in this survey publicly. Our survey has been up for 2 days and we’ve got almost 500 respondents: please take the survey at and make the sample/results more representative of NYC educators!

We’re hoping to gather information about:

  • the experiences of being in-person at schools: including ventilation, modes of transportation to/from school, staff members in rooms with students eating unmasked, whether staff shortages at schools means staff are substituting/supervising students they’re not assigned to, and whether in-person staff, if given the choice, would work remotely;
  • whether educators are teaching multiple modalities (in-person blended, remote blended, fully remote, asynchronous, etc.) and how that’s affecting educators and students
  • student devices and WiFi distribution across NYC schools
  • how supported educators feel this fall 2020
  • whether educators feel COVID testing has been adequate at their schools
  • how many educators have had schools closed prior to 11/18
  • how many hours educators are working now outside contractual work hours

And answers to the following questions:

  • How has COVID19 impacted your school? What would you like the public to know about conditions of teaching and learning in school right now? (Examples include: COVID19 cases at your school, student/staff/community losses, staff shortages, social emotional and mental health, student learning, special education/English learner compliance)
  • What do you need to be able to support your students safely and effectively?

Identifying information gathered at will remain confidential, and comments will remain anonymous unless expressly granted permission by the author.

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